Choice is the key to a happy lifestyle

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Article by Vivion O’Kelly

Yes, choice would indeed seem to be the best option of all, allowing you to pick exactly what you want without restriction, but in the real world, many of us are not quite sure what we want, and a little guidance goes a long way towards getting it right. For this reason, we at BRIGHT, the developers of Vista Lago Residences, have put together a collection of options that allow you to customize your villa to suit your lifestyle. These individually packaged options can be chosen as presented, one or more, or mixed and matched for specific needs. The choice is yours.

In fact, each villa at Vista Lago has been exquisitely designed with everything necessary for a luxury lifestyle, but for the designers to assume that everybody loves everything they do would be presumptuous. Personal taste, by definition, tends to be personal.

We call them packs, and they go far beyond architectural design or choice of furniture and fittings, covering different aspects of good and healthy living from medical services and fitness to a fully equipped home office.

Furniture Pack
Our Furniture Pack is actually a complete interior design solution

But first and foremost, first impressions, and that means living in a space that looks and feels like you, because the visual impact of a home, whether immediate or otherwise, defines your personality to some large extent. Our Furniture and Presidential Packs take care of this, the first offering individually tailored design solutions for the entire villa, inside and out, and the second ensuring that all finishing items are what you want and where you want them. The Furniture Pack is more than its name suggests: it is a complete design solution created by award-winning interior designers who have worked on many of the most prestigious homes in the world, from London’s Belgravia to Spain’s La Zagaleta. Without breaking the bank, you can experience the same level of luxury in your new home at Vista Lago.

Interior design solution
Interior design solutions are as different as each of our clients

The Presidential Pack removes the stress of searching for basic home items you will certainly use in different parts of the house, from the kitchen to the bedrooms and bathrooms, ensuring that you can simply reach out for exactly what you need. Bath mats, duvets, tooth brush holders, towels, cutlery, glassware – they are all at arm’s reach, and we’ll even place the plants you like exactly where you’d like them. This pack could equally be named the Stress-Free Pack.

Helicopteros Sanitarios
Membership of Helicopteros Sanitarios gives you a 24-hour on call doctor and emergency service

Our Health, Wellness and Sports Packs can also be grouped, given the inter-dependence of each on the others. Your health is of primary importance, and our Health Pack offers you membership of Helicopteros Sanitarios, providing a 24-hour doctor and emergency service with mobile intensive care units or helicopter ambulances as circumstances demand. Peace of mind is a commodity we are very pleased to offer.

A yoga space can be created in any Vista Lago home
A yoga space can be created in any Vista Lago home

Keeping yourself in shape can be an active or passive activity, and our Wellness Pack is delightfully passive. Sauna, Turkish bath, Jacuzzi, yoga space, chillout and meditation area: these are all places designed to nourish the body without filling it with food, and in our stressful times, such spaces are not only desirable, but necessary.

Something for golf fans: a state-of-the-art golf simulator
Something for golf fans: a state-of-the-art golf simulator allows you to play on any course in the world

On the other hand, delightful as passivity is, especially as we get older, we need to exercise if we wish to continue enjoying life on this side of the Great Beyond. Our Sports Pack is the answer, offering a fully equipped gym, a state-of-the-art golf simulator, and an Endless Pool for exercise, water therapy or just fun. And to give you the feeling of swimming in the open sea or in a smooth-flowing river, you can have a system designed to provide a strong current to swim against.

Kids Pack creates serious entertainment spaces
For those with young children in the family, our Kids Pack creates serious entertainment spaces

The Kids Pack may not interest those whose kids have grown up and flown the nest, but having children, we must remember, is a life sentence. You may have grandchildren. Either way, “relax” and “young children” are hardly ever synonymous, and we offer the ideal solution with creatively designed play areas in the garden, shaded and rubber surfaced to insure against accidents and ensure that the children can play safely without occupying your full attention at all times.

And talking of gardens, we also have our Earth Pack, which is essentially professional help in establishing your very own vegetable, fruit and herb plots. With the amount of sunshine in Southern Spain, almost everything grows, but it needs a little help along the way to enable you to enjoy a truly organic diet. Sustainability is a key part of any Vista Lago villa, and the concept extends beyond the house and into the garden.

Organic vegetable
All villas at Vista Lago Residences have space in the garden for an organic vegetable plot, if desired

Which brings us to our Gourmet Pack. If cooking is a passion, why not enjoy it at its maximum expression? The luxury of a fully equipped professional kitchen, either inside or out, will last a lifetime, and will certainly improve your quality of life. Essentials such as high-quality appliances and a space with logical workflow, large work surfaces, adequate storage, chefs’ knives, immersion blenders, cast iron pans, digital thermometers and microplanes make all the difference when performing what can be one of the most gratifying tasks in a home.

Design on computer
Having an office at home is the new normal

Our Business Pack is most important for those who work from home, and in these challenging times, that includes most of us. In fact, it would not be an exaggeration to say that working from home has become the new norm, and we offer a package that includes the following:

  • A back-up high speed satellite internet connection, which could be a useful addition to the standard high-speed connection that all our villas are equipped with.
  • A state-of-the-art meeting room, kitted out with a large screen for comfortable conference calls.
  • A fully equipped home office that provides all you might need above and beyond basics such as desks and chairs.
Roman Statue
Buying art can be a daunting process. Our Art Package makes the whole process less formidable

Our final pack is the Art Pack, and we include this because we are fully aware of the daunting task of acquiring the right art for the right places in a home. Many people are quick to insist that they know what they like, but as any seasoned art dealer will tell us, that usually means they like what they know. It may appear to be easy, but try it, and then compare the results of your efforts with those which have had professional help. Mood, space, lighting and personal taste all come into play, and out Art Pack will ensure you get exactly what you want, even if you were not quite sure what that was to begin with.

To sum up, we offer help in making the choices that turn a luxury residence into a unique home tailored to your individual requirements, and we offer it in a way that is uncomplicated and enjoyable, and achieves the results that are best for you.

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