A Piece of Paradise


Vista Lago Residences is more than just a collection of luxurious villas; it’s an invitation to experience a harmonious blend of natural beauty, sustainability, and a lifestyle that transcends the ordinary. We look at what makes this exclusive development a true piece of paradise.

Article by Cheryl Gatward. Images courtesy of BRIGHT.

View of Mediterranean, gibraltar and Africa from Vista Lago

Breathtaking Environment

Nestled in the heart of Real de La Quinta, Vista Lago Residences enjoys a privileged location. The views are nothing short of breathtaking: the landmark La Concha mountain, the Mediterranean Sea, the Gibraltar Straits, and even the distant African coastline. Imagine waking up to these vistas every morning, the sun painting the sky in hues of gold and pink.

But it’s not just the grandeur of the landscape that captivates. Vista Lago Residences is bordered by a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve where the air is clear and the flora abundant. Whether you’re an avid hiker, a birdwatcher, or simply someone who appreciates the serenity of nature, this environment is a true gift.

Lake Istan view

Real de la Quinta and Sierra de las Nieves

Real de La Quinta is a 200-hectare residential resort located just outside the Sierra de las Nieves National Park. This park, part of the World Network of Biosphere Reserves since 1995, was classified as a National Park in 2021. Its 20,163 hectares showcase unique animal, botanical, hydrological, and geological features. It’s a paradise for nature lovers, offering accessibility through an extensive network of paths –  an idyllic destination for a new life in a truly serene environment.  

Olive Oil Trees

The amenities currently under construction at the Real de la Quinta resort centre around a 36,000-square-meter water sports lake and club house – El Lago Club – bordered by picturesque running and walking paths and an executive golf course. It’s a unique amenity that brings a touch of coastal paradise to the mountains.

The club also features a gym, spa, and wellness centre. A lakeside restaurant invites you to savor delicious meals while soaking in serene views. Tennis and Padel enthusiasts can play at the racquet club, adding another active dimension to the community.

Real de La Quinta projected Lake and sports facilities

Sustainable Living

Vista Lago Residences takes its commitment to sustainability seriously. Here’s how:

1) Solar Power: The villas are equipped with state-of-the-art solar panels, harnessing the abundant Andalusian sunshine.  

2) Water Management: Water is a precious resource, especially in this sun-kissed region. The development incorporates smart water management systems like greywater treatment for irrigation reuse, dual-flush toilets, water-saving taps, and rainwater harvesting, ensuring efficient usage and minimal wastage.  

3) Native Landscaping: The gardens surrounding each villa feature native plants that thrive in the local climate. These plants require less water and maintenance, contributing to the overall ecological balance.

Native landscaping

4) Eco-Friendly Materials: From the construction materials to the interior finishes, Vista Lago Residences prioritizes eco-friendly choices. Sustainable wood, recycled materials, and energy-efficient appliances are seamlessly integrated into the design.

5) Insulation: The villas boast excellent insulation, reducing energy needs for cooling and heating.

6) Cross-ventilation and natural cooling reduce reliance on artificial climate control.

7) Energy-Efficient Lighting: LED lighting with high luminous efficiency illuminates both interiors and exteriors.

8) Health and Wellbeing: Every home at Vista Lago is meticulously designed to maximize occupants’ health and wellbeing. Owners can opt for organic vegetable plots, mini orchards, and kitchen herb gardens.

9) BREEAM Certification: Vista Lago has applied for BREEAM certification, the gold standard for assessing building sustainability. It ensures a sustainable lifestyle for both present and future residents.

Designer Villas: Inside and Out

The villas at Vista Lago Residences are not just homes; they are works of art. Developed by BRIGHT and designed by UDesign Architect Studio & Gonzalez & Jacobsen each villa is a testament to innovation and creativity. Here’s what sets them apart:

Vista Lago residence, Marbella

1) Interior Design: Every detail inside the villas is meticulously crafted. Open-plan interiors create a sense of spaciousness, with abundant natural light flooding every room. Large windows disappear into the walls, framing undisturbed, panoramic views of the idyllic natural surroundings.

Vista Lago residence, Marbella

2) Exterior Design: The outside/inside concept extends to the exterior. The distance between the villas ensures complete privacy, allowing residents to enjoy the stunning views from virtually every room. Owners will be able to enjoy their morning coffee while gazing at the Mediterranean Sea or watching the sun set over the lake and mountains – all from the comfort of their sofa. Architectural elements are strategically positioned to maximize the panoramic views.

3) Innovative layouts ensure that no two homes are alike, allowing residents to express their individuality. 

Vista Lago Residences, Marbella

4) The design philosophy revolves around seamless integration with nature, blurring the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces.

5) Luxurious Details: Custom-made fixtures exude opulence. Designer kitchens are equipped with top-of-the-line appliances that cater to culinary enthusiasts. Spa-like bathrooms offer relaxation and rejuvenation.

6) Smart home systems allow residents to control lighting, temperature, and security effortlessly.

7) Outdoor living spaces include infinity pools, sun decks, and landscaped gardens.

Vista Lago Residences, Marbella

Your Piece of Paradise Awaits

In the lap of luxury, surrounded by nature’s grandeur, Vista Lago Residences invites you to create memories that last a lifetime. It’s not just a home; it’s an experience—an ode to sustainable living, panoramic views, and the art of slowing down to savor life.

An investment in Vista Lago is an investment in a secure and attractive future. Delivery of the first villas is scheduled for Spring 2025. To explore more, you can contact the Sales Team at (+34) 682 105 002 or email them at, or visit the website: