We are Bright

Our aim is that our homes improve our client’s quality of life.

Our motivation is to exceed the expectations of our clients through creativity and attention to detail

Our passion is to design, build and furnish beautifully detailed contemporary homes.

“A great home should improve your quality of life, probably more than any other single factor.”

Michael Rodziewicz, CEO BRIGHT.

“The combination of a design studio and a developer working as one produces exceptional results”

Jason Harris, CEO UDesign, Creative Director of BRIGHT.

Bright’s beginnings are inextricably linked to UDesign, an award-winning architectural and interior design company established in 2008 and based in Marbella, Spain.

For the last 10 years, UDesign has created some of the best addresses in the world, from mountain retreats in Verbier, Switzerland, to listed buildings in London’s Belgravia and magnificent estates in La Zagaleta.

UDesign produce bespoke furniture from their own factory and their in-house interior designers, project managers and architects work together from the start of a project to create the best possible homes. Each aspect of a project from the interiors to the quality of construction is handled by a specialist.

The combination of a design studio and a developer working as one brings together both the creative and technical aspect of innovative architectural design to produce exceptional results.

Design Comes First

Creative design is the basis for everything we do. Exciting spaces that stimulate the senses is the cornerstone of our work. Our designs don’t just look good, they feel good as well.
It’s not about individual pieces of furniture, it’s the combination of all the elements in a room and how they come together – spatial planning, the balance of light, details and textures. The difference is in the design.

Exceptional locations

Visually stunning environments inspire our designs.

We consider plot elevation and orientation, sunrise, sunset and seasonal changes in lighting.

Complete privacy is guaranteed. So is your comfort.

Nature Takes Centre Stage

Being our inspiration, nature will always be right there, wonderfully combined with a location and within the boundaries of our homes.

All inside and outside living areas are fully integrated and there is nothing between you and the view.

Luxury is in the details

BRIGHT homes are exceptional in their craftsmanship and design, and our craftsmen take part in the process from the very beginning. That clearly describes our point of view.

Every detail creates a perfect, planned whole. We never need to compromise on style, size or materials. Everything is a perfect fit, with our bespoke furniture sitting naturally alongside the world’s top brands.

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The inside defines the outside

Our design starts from the inside, so the terrace is simply an extension of the lounge.

We create interior spaces that are designed to be lived in and are perfectly proportioned to accommodate the furniture. We bring in as much light as possible and maximise the views from every room.

Designed to entertain

All BRIGHT homes include an Entertainment Space, but they don’t just have a cinema room, they offer a cinema experience. An opportunity to be extravagant with cocktail bars, golf simulators, pool tables, DJ booths and more – a space to have fun with friends and family.

A holistic approach

In BRIGHT homes, all parts of the whole are designed as works of art that complement the whole.

BRIGHT creates homes that improve quality of life through design – home offices where isolation is not a factor, kitchens that inspire a healthier lifestyle and bedroom suites designed for easy sleep.
The key to our homes is the way they make you feel.