A Woman’s Home


Men and women value houses very differently. In this article, we take a closer look at what women want in a home.

Article by Vivion O’Kelly. 

The mere fact of presenting a feature on what women want in a home may be construed by some readers as misogynistic. This, we insist, is not our intention. According to numerous surveys carried out over recent years, as well as questions asked by our own potential purchasers, men and women tend to value houses very differently.

Woman opening the door with a smile

Owning a great home for a man is a “sign of accomplishment that defines success, and he’s more concerned with location and outward-facing issues”, whereas for a woman, “the inside of the home is important, and how it will engage and serve whatever family means to her”.

In this article, we take a closer look at what women want in a home, with special emphasis on the award-winning Vista Lago luxury development in Marbella.


Regardless of what they actually want in the home, they want it to be close to amenities. Whether it should be so or not, women visit child care, health clinics and schools much more than men do. Vista Lago is close to a plethora of amenities, on the doorstep in Real de La Quinta and in under 20 minutes there are 7 international schools and all the facilities of San Pedro, Puerto Banus and Marbella. A glance at the map below suffices to show how close Vista Lago is to essential services.

Map of services close to Vista Lago


While Spain is one of the safest countries in Europe, it is women who face the threat of assault far more than men. This makes the safety and security of the area they live in of the utmost importance. Vista Lago is a gated, secure community within another gated, secure community (Real de la Quinta), where the question of anyone’s safety does not even arise.

Gated community
Vista Lago is a gated community within a gated community


Privacy is a two-edged amenity: you want enough of it to feel comfortable at all times, but not so much of it that you feel cut off from your neighbours. In this respect, the UDesign architects and urban planners have gone to great lengths to ensure total privacy, both visually and audibly, for residents of every Vista Lago villa, while at the same time designing the development in such a way that one can easily drop in on one’s neighbours if one chooses. With only 18 villas making up the entire development, mutually agreed contact between neighbours can quickly develop into friendship, without having to chat over the garden wall.

Vista Lago
Residents in Vista Lago will enjoy total privacy


Unsurprisingly, more women than men (39% against 29%) rank a thoroughly modern kitchen as a must-have in a new home. Perhaps unfortunately, the kitchen is still the woman’s realm. In each Vista Lago villa, where each is different and individual taste is catered to, the kitchens have been designed to be an essential part of the living space. Not just a sop to the concept of open plan, but genuinely open to plan as one pleases, with every convenience available to choose from. Close to the dining area, close to the herb garden outside, even close enough to the pool and terrace for a quick dip while the sauces are simmering.

Kitchens at Vista Lago
Kitchens at Vista Lago are high tech, uncluttered and truly open plan


Women prefer three and four-bedroom homes, while men lean towards two and three-bedroom homes. Again, women generally appreciate the bedroom more than the garage, for example, and the Vista Lago bedrooms reflect this appreciation. Superbly designed, beautifully illuminated and with exceptional interior design features that still allow for a personal touch, each ensuite bedroom is a true delight for both men and women. But especially women.

Bedrooms at Vista Lago
Bedrooms at Vista Lago have exceptional interior design features


By nature or nurture, a home that is designed to facilitate relationships and engagement is Mama’s home. She is the star of the show, and although many men might be loathe to admit it, she decides almost everything that happens in the home. She is the boss.

Good architecture and good interior design will take this into account, as the designers of Vista Lago have done. Free and easy flow between essential spaces, comfortable positioning of essential areas, furniture and decoration geared towards facility of communication: it’s all been taken care of in each of the 18 villas that make Vista Lago exceptional.

Lounge at Vista Lago
Free and easy flow between essential spaces


Ever notice who decides what curtains to open and close? Or who decides what lampstands to buy? Or who, all too often, voices criticism at the designers over where the main lighting points have been positioned?  Yes, she does. Such a problem does not exist in Vista Lago, where the illumination of each villa has been designed with the greatest care and consideration, using the very latest technology and the most creative use of lighting design.

Creative lighting design at Vista Lago
The creative lighting design at Vista Lago uses the latest technology

Detail and Finish

Women appreciate better, as they settle into a new home, all those small but important details like the quality of finish in floors, carpeting, tiles, woodwork and all the other elements that make a home more livable in, and loveable.

The quality of materials is one of the things that makes Vista Lago so luxurious. The quality of our lives is directly affected by the raw materials we live with every day. Getting them right is of vital importance to our well-being.

When the entire family come calling at the same time, this much we know: Mama takes care of everything.

Materials at Vista Lago
The quality of materials at Vista Lago is outstanding

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