Agency Focus: Al Houda Properties


Specialists in the Middle East – we talk to real estate agency Al Houda about their business in Marbella and predictions for the future of the market.

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Interview by Victoria Wood

Al Houda Properties is a full-service real estate brokerage representing clients worldwide. The agency has built a reputation for excellence, attention to detail and loyal customer service.

With a range of real estate services from property management plans to luxury concierge, Al Houda offer far more than simply buying and selling properties. Using their extensive network, knowledge and experience, the team at Al Houda offer an exceptional end-to-end service.

We speak to the team to find out more about their ethos, how they work and their predictions for Marbella’s property market this year and beyond.

Al Houda properties
Al Houda’s office on Blvd. Principe Alonso de Hohenlohe
1) Tell us about your team at Al Houda…

Our wonderful team is made up of a magnificent duo, namely Houda and Manuel, supported from the office by our colleague Maria.

2) What do you think sets you apart from other agencies on the coast?

We are a full-service real estate company that is innovative and continuously growing to offer an excellent service to our clients, mainly from the Middle East.

3) How do you go about personalising your service?

We utilise expert marketing tools which help to offer our clients the most attractive properties on the Costa del Sol. Whether you are looking for a beachfront villa or a modern luxury apartment in a gated community, we will only source exactly what you are looking for and negotiate the best price.

4) Where do the majority of your clients come from?

The majority of our clients come from the Middle East, most of which come with medium to high purchasing power.

5) What do you think sets this area apart from others for your clientele?

The royal family of Saudi Arabia used to vacation here and so Marbella is a holiday reference point. This has helped the area to become a popular destination for secondary homes and holidays.

The King Abdul Aziz Mosque, Marbella
The King Abdul Aziz Mosque, close to the royal palace - construction was ordered by Prince Salman in honour of King Fahd
6) What is the most challenging part of your job?

The most challenging part of working in real estate is to meet the demands of our clients and maintain and satisfy the great trust they place in us regarding their properties.

7) How has the pandemic affected your business over the last year?

We have had a really hard year, with a lot of uncertainty due to the pandemic and travel restrictions, but we are sure that the forthcoming return of clients, both old and new, will be very positive for everyone.

8) What do you see for the imminent future of the property market in and around Marbella?

The second half of 2021 will give us a better idea of what the future will be for the market. We believe that 2022 will bring a new phase and open up many opportunities, especially in new construction.

Vista Lago Residences
Vista Lago Residences offers world-class design in a spectacular setting
9) What prompted Al Houda to choose to work alongside BRIGHT?

We started working alongside BRIGHT developments due to a recommendation from a client – a testament to the trust, cordiality and good relationship we have with them.

10) What do you think of BRIGHT’s new project, Vista Lago Residences, and it’s location in Real de la Quinta?

Real de la Quinta is a spectacular project where one of the top resorts on the Costa del Sol will be located. I have no doubt that BRIGHT developments will assist in this. As a project, Vista Lago is magnificent; Al Houda Properties wish BRIGHT the best and know that their good work and management, and excellent team will ensure their success.

Vista Lago Residences
The view from your sofa at Vista Lago Residences