Buying a Property is like a love affair

Puerto BanĂşs, Marbella

Interview by Victoria Wood

Despite the current global tragedy that is the pandemic, the property market in Marbella and surrounding areas is holding its own and still attracting buyers to the region.

As high-end property developers, the team at BRIGHT focus on working with the most respected, reliable and successful real estate agencies. This monthly blog will feature those agencies which have been handpicked to represent our properties. The first in the series is the thriving, highly-regarded company Mas Property Marbella.

The ethos at Mas Property Marbella is that their success is measured on customer satisfaction; they have an extremely attentive and personalised end-to-end service when it comes to selecting a property for a client, whilst building a close relationship with them in order to achieve this.

“Buying a property is like a love affair,” says Margareta Stjernström, owner of MAS Property Marbella, “it has to click from the first sight. You can’t rush it, and you know straight away when you’ve found the right one.”

Margareta Stjernström, Owner of Mas Property Marbella
Margareta Stjernström, Owner of Mas Property Marbella

Owner, Margareta Stjernström, brought her extensive experience in high-end clients, a prestigious global network, and international background to Marbella and opened her own agency. She has developed an impeccable team at Mas Property whose attention to detail and level of service is first class. Premium clients can expect to be chauffeur driven from airport or hotel to viewings, as well as feeling safe in the knowledge that they are in capable and experienced hands when it comes to the property market, architecture, knowledge of the area, investment opportunities and local legalities. The team pride themselves on their ability to help clients make educated investment decisions, accompanying them every step of the way from property search to purchase also offering legal and financial advice throughout the process.

“We lay on an amazing service, but at the end of the day, that’s only valuable if we have properties to interest people,” says Margareta. “So we develop a thorough understanding of what our clients are looking for, then ensure they make the best possible investment.”

The team at Mas Property Marbella
The team at Mas Property Marbella

The team profess that their main passion is to balance the needs and desires of the client with their understanding of the marketplace in order to find that perfect home. As well as having an extensive portfolio they additionally use their multiple listings systems to access all available properties from Cadiz to Málaga.

We posed some questions to Margareta and the team to get a better insight into the company, their standards and principles as well as their opinion on the current property climate.

How long have you been in business, and where were you based before here?

I have been in the Real Estate business for 10 years. During my early years, I was working for Sotheby’s Realty, and now for 5 years running my own company Mas Property Marbella. I was headhunted by Sotheby’s when I was working as a successful international art dealer. Finding a similarity in selling beautiful art and luxurious properties, I accepted the work offer and stayed.

You offer a personalised end-to-end service, what does that entail and how do you go about getting to know your clients?

We offer our clients more than a simple end-to-end service, we take care of them from day one, we listen to their needs very carefully and prepare a property selection taking into consideration what we have learned about them. We always introduce the clients to the areas before opening the door to any property.

Property have fabulous offices with uninterrupted views towards La Concha mountain and the Med
Mas Property have fabulous offices with uninterrupted views towards La Concha mountain and the Med
What do you think sets you apart from other agencies?

With all due respect to my colleagues agents, we are trying to keep a very high ethical code and honesty towards our clients, trying to listen carefully to their needs and be very honest in proposing selections of properties and providing full information from the very start of our relationship.

How do you select the developers you work alongside?

We appreciate working with the developers offering excellent qualities and spectacular properties. We value developers looking for a good cooperation with agents and listening to our advice as to pricing of the projects and details.

What do you think of BRIGHT’s Vista Lago Residences, and the location?

Vista Lago Residences is an excellent project that the market needed. The design of the villas is spectacular in every single way. We strongly believe that this project is one of the most impressive ones currently on the market.

Vista Lago Residences - spectacular design and amazing views
Vista Lago Residences - spectacular design and amazing views
Who would you recommend these villas to?

Vista Lago villas are timeless properties that can suit basically any type of buyer looking for a 21st century modern living on the Costa del Sol. I think that this project can perfectly suit a family, a young couple, a retired couple, etc.

Do you think living in the countryside is becoming more of a sought after lifestyle, or are people still generally leaning towards the coast?

This depends on the lifestyle the buyer is looking for. Unfortunately in Marbella it is difficult to be close to the sea and have a modern property. Sometimes the sacrifice to have an ultra modern home is to go a little away from the coast. However, the views are breathtaking and the properties are a good value for money as per their proximity to all amenities, views and design.

If you were to choose any specific area to buy a house with any budget, what would you choose?

Marbella is a very diverse area with many areas and sub-areas. We highly recommend BenahavĂ­s for anyone looking for a modern luxury villa with panoramic views to the Mediterranean Sea. BenahavĂ­s is a very in-demand area as it houses several exclusive golf courses, prestigious country clubs, and ultra secure gated communities.

Benahavis Village
BenahavĂ­s sits at 500 metres above sea level and has fantastic views across the Med to Africa
Do you think the current pandemic is deterring people from the idea of moving to Spain?

For me, the Costa del Sol will always be the Costa del Sol. This area offers a fantastic quality of life with its sunshine, outdoor living and activities, beaches, restaurants, etc. Marbella is a continuous holiday all year round and with this pandemic and the lockdown I am convinced people value even more this quality of life. I highly doubt the idea of moving to Spain is going away, the travel restrictions are what is blocking the market. At Mas Property we try to use the digital world as much as possible, offering several alternatives to the buyers to view and continue in this process.

What do you see for the imminent future of the property market here, in and around Marbella? And longer term?

It is very difficult to have a specific forecast at this moment with this pandemic situation. But I have faith in the market in Marbella.

The beautiful garden city of Marbella offers a fabulous quality of life
The beautiful garden city of Marbella offers a fabulous quality of life
What do you think sets this area apart concerning quality of life?

Definitely the micro-climate, with pleasant weather most of the year. The proximity to golden beaches, most of them with a blue flag. Also known as the Costa del Golf, this area is a paradise for golfers as it offers the largest concentration of golf courses in Europe. A diverse choice of outdoor activities including yachting, horse riding, hiking, etc. A picturesque natural surrounding, with forests, waterfalls, mountains. This area of Europe offers an attractive lifestyle where the sky is the limit.