Custom-built dream homes


A look at how BRIGHT, the award-winning boutique development company, can turn your dream home into reality.

Article by Vivion O’Kelly – Images courtesy of UDesign

Vista Lago Residences

Many readers of this blog have undoubtedly admired the creativity and professionalism of BRIGHT homes over the past few years and thought to themselves: “I’ll have a house like that, but I’d really like it done my way”. One never knows. Perhaps the bedroom and kitchen combined into one, to make breakfast a quicker and handier option. Or a pool where the coffee table in the sitting room should be, for those for whom a few steps to the front patio are a few steps too many. Or maybe they just wish to be part of the entire building process, from initial design to finished product, and they want it done right. Well, this is exactly what BRIGHT are now offering – project management  with a fully integrated design and build service that makes the best use of their established team of architects, interior designers, builders and landscape gardeners.

Vista Lago Residences
Vista Lago Residences, BRIGHT’s latest project, has won multiple awards for architecture and design

Award-winning team

BRIGHT, recent winners of the World’s Best Residential Development in the International Property Awards, is partnered with UDesign, a multi-award winning architectural and interior design company established fourteen years ago and based in Marbella, Spain. UDesign has created some of the best addresses in the world, from mountain retreats in Verbier, Switzerland, to listed buildings in London’s Belgravia and magnificent estates in La Zagaleta. They also produce bespoke furniture from their own factory, and their in-house interior designers and architects work together from the start of each project to create some of the most outstanding homes in the world. This combination of design studio and developer working as a single entity produces, as one would expect, truly exceptional results.

Villa Alcuzcuz
Villa Alcuzcuz, the first project by the BRIGHT /UDesign team. The villa was sold in February 2021

Bespoke services

Quite simply, if you have a plot, or wish to purchase one, anywhere from Malaga City to Sotogrande or in from the coast, and would like a custom-built house on it, BRIGHT can take it all the way, from concept through design to obtaining building licenses and finally handing over the keys. We call it our Design & Build service, and it starts, of course, with a meeting between potential owner and designer. We’ll discuss your vision and provide you with all the information you need and a lot more of what you didn’t know you needed. We’ll begin with the selection and purchase of the plot, advising on both its immediate and general location now and in the future, and we’ll show you with as much exactitude as is now technologically possible what your finished home will look like.

Vista Lago Residences garden
The landscaping of the garden is all part of the services offered by BRIGHT

Our services include the initial design concept, architectural design, interior design, project management, construction and landscaping. Each aspect of the project from the interiors to the quality of construction is handled by a specialist in their field, and with many years of experience and a reputation second to none, you can be quite certain of results that will astonish by their excellence. Our approach to design and construction may be complicated, due to the inherent sophistication of top-notch design and state-of-the-art materials, but our approach to our clients is a good deal simpler: what you see is what you get. We go to enormous lengths to ensure that our CGI artists produce exactly what has been designed and no more, down to the finest detail. No creative liberties in this area and thus, no nasty surprises.

Mansion in Riyadh
The team have created palaces, like this one in Riyadh

Whether a palace, a country mansion, a villa, a townhouse or a block of apartments, we first discuss the needs and lifestyle of the future occupants. We then use this information to design the property to the most exacting specifications, which the clients can monitor all the way through the design process until satisfied. Once our 3D renders have been approved, our project managers, architects and technical architects get to work bringing the dream to reality. We act on your behalf to obtain all the necessary building licences and oversee all construction works to ensure the project is delivered to spec and on time.

A contemporary version of the traditional cortijo
A contemporary version of the traditional cortijo is the most popular request

Unity of design

Furthermore, you are not left with a levelled garden area to do with as you please, but a largely finished garden which you yourself have played a dominant role in designing. Any surprises here, such as interior green areas, use of natural materials like rocks and flowing water, or any of the numerous original ideas thought up by our team of landscape gardeners, are all presented at the very beginning of the design process. For BRIGHT, every part of every plot is as important as every other, inside or outside the house, and that is what creates the beautiful unity of design that our company has become known for.

Dream home
BRIGHT takes the hassle out of creating a dream home

Peace of mind

Together and separately, BRIGHT and UDesign have won multiple international awards for architecture, interior design and residential project development, and our knowledge and experience in the industry is your peace of mind. With a dedicated project manager assigned to oversee the entire process, you can choose exactly how much you wish to become involved in the process, or choose not to involve yourself at all. Whatever you decide, we will send you detailed reports, including video updates from the plot, at every step of the way, allowing you to enjoy watching your dream home become reality even at a distance. And probably most important of all, you can enjoy it free from the hassle and worry that often accompanies such a major undertaking as having a new home built.

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