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Twisted Art Gallery brings some of the hottest names in the Urban, Pop and Street Art scenes to Marbella for the first time. Giles Brown – who is more than a little Twisted himself – delves into the gallery’s funky, fresh, and fun world!

As a Marbella ‘lifestyle’ journalist with more than a touch of the pretentious, I have been to more gallery openings and exhibitions than I can wave a paintbrush at. Without trying to sound too jaded, sometimes the art on show can leave me a little jaded. There are only so many rolling landscapes or Marilyn Monroes that a man can take.

So, the invitation to the opening of the Twisted Art Gallery at the beginning of the summer left me wondering if it would be yet another case of the same old art show.

It most certainly wasn’t.

The opening of Twisted Art Gallery
The opening bash at Twisted Art Gallery

Twisted Art Gallery’s opening bash was more fun than many club nights I have been to in Puerto Banús. Live music, a great DJ and an eclectic crowd that was obviously enjoying itself. Then there was the art – from lenticular work, which changes as you walk past. (Featuring a fully dressed model and I will let you work out the rest), to pouting red lips and even a Banksy or two, Twisted showcased some of the main artists in the current scene.

It was definitely different.

Colourful typographic artworks using acrylic gouache on wood
Tim Fishlock is a London-based artist who creates bright & colourful typographic artworks using acrylic gouache on wood

After the show, I caught up with Dylan King, the enthusiastic son of John King who, along with Kevin Simpson, has brought a refreshing addition to the many galleries on the coast.

On Twisted’s name origin

I had to start with the name. Why call the gallery Twisted? “It comes from a twist of fate” Dylan smiles, “My Dad and Kevin went to college together in Aberdeen over 20 years ago and were best friends, but after college they both went their separate ways – Kevin went to London, while we stayed in Aberdeen. Last year Kevin relocated to Sotogrande with his family to live a quiet life. At the same time, my Dad was thinking of retiring and playing golf in Sotogrande. So, there we were, enjoying a family drink on the terrace of the So Hotel, while Kevin was there with his wife, celebrating the first night in their new home…At college their nicknames were “Simbo” and “Kinger, and they looked over at each other and said “Simbo!”, “Kinger!” and that was it!”

Friendship firmly re-established, both men discovered that they shared a massive passion for Contemporary Art and were avid collectors. With Kevin looking for something to do to keep himself busy, the two men soon came up with the idea of opening a gallery – and Twisted was born!

Dylan King (left), alongside his Twisted partner Kevin Simpson at the entrance to the gallery in Puerto Banús
Dylan King (left), alongside his Twisted partner Kevin Simpson at the entrance to the gallery in Puerto Banús

“Between us we just put our contacts together,” explains Dylan. “We realised that there was a lack of Urban, Street and Pop Art on the coast, and thought that it was almost our duty to exhibit it in a prestigious location such as Marbella.  With Twisted Art Gallery, we are showing the art that we love and giving other people the chance to enjoy what we think is very cool!”

An Approachable Art Haven

They were also determined to make the gallery approachable. “Art can have a bit of a stigma – it’s old, boring, and not that much fun. Many people are perhaps apprehensive of walking into an art gallery, thinking that it might be a little pretentious,“ says Dylan. “We are the total opposite. You are more than welcome to come in and just appreciate the art. If you want to know more about the artists, we can talk for hours and explain everything and anything – the artists, the artworks, the medium, the styles used…we are here to educate and let people enjoy the work”.

Artwork by Opake, a London-based artist who has developed a strong following for his unique technique and exciting, eye-catching artwork
Artwork by Opake, a London-based artist who has developed a strong following for his unique technique and exciting, eye-catching artwork

Marbella’s superb natural light and contemporary architecture also lends itself to Modern Art. “A great thing about exhibiting art in Marbella is the light.” says Dylan. “It really does show off the artwork. There are so many modern houses with their big white walls, large interiors and gorgeous architecture, which when combined with modern artwork, can really makes a piece stand out. Many modern villas, although beautifully designed, can seem a little uniform. If you are looking for something to add your own individual touch, then a single piece can have a huge impact.”

Art: Both an Investment and a Joy

Contemporary Art has been regarded as an investment for decades, but rather than being hidden away in a vault, these pieces scream to be shown. “We do have pieces that can be treated as a commodity and are a fantastic investment. But we feel that art shouldn’t only be treated as an investment, but it should be exhibited, displayed, hung up in your home. It should be enjoyed and looked at, because that it what it is created for!”

Another benefit of the Urban, Street and Pop Art scene is the fact that the artists themselves are still around – unless they have had a particularly good weekend. This gives the collector the unique opportunity to meet the artist. “At the opening party we were joined by The Connor Brothers, Opaque, Pure Evil and Tim Fishhook, who are four of our favourite artists”, says Dylan. “The opening night was fun, and we have plans to have several events, such as solo shows with the artist present and exhibition nights.”

Twisted Art Gallery’s opening party
Twisted Art Gallery’s opening party which, according to Giles Brown, was “more fun than many club nights in Puerto Banús”

Both Kevin and Dylan were pleasantly surprised by the knowledge of the local art aficionados “Marbella has a great art scene, but just not the type of art that we have,” says Dylan “There are a lot of knowledgeable collectors down here, who know the artists but were unable to acquire their works. They are delighted that we can bring the artists to the coast and make it so accessible. We want this to be open for everyone – we have pieces that start at €600 up to those in six figures! We are absolutely delighted by the reception we have and are really pleased. We were new to the area, but we have met so many interesting people, and now everyone knows us!”

Whether you are a novice in this style of art or looking to add to an existing collection, take a trip to Twisted Art Gallery. It is vibrant, different, and deliciously fun!

Artwork by Opake, a London-based artist who has developed a strong following for his unique technique and exciting, eye-catching artwork
Another work by Opake

Twisted Art Gallery, Plaza De Antonio Banderas, 18, 29660, Puerto Banús
Open from Tuesday to Saturday from 11am to 8pm. Closed on Sundays & Mondays.

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