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To fully appreciate furniture, appreciate it by its absence. Take it all outside and walk around your empty house, because you will certainly notice that it has now become just that: a house rather than a home. How you choose to furnish your home says everything about you, and you will feel at home only if the furniture and fittings you have chosen can live with you in perfect harmony.

Article by Anastasia Sukhanova. Images Courtesy of BRIGHT.

Vista Lago Residences

In the unique Vistas Lago Residences, each of the 18 luxury villas has already been furnished. To whose taste will not be known until each resident moves in and decides whether to keep it all, keep part of it or start from scratch, as BRIGHT has taken the liberty of suggesting what might be suitable for each of the villas, all different in design, inside and out. Each piece of furniture is either designer brand-name or made specifically for Vista Lago by UDesign. This includes all fixtures, fittings and lighting, and the only commonality they share is their high level of suitability and creativity.

The complete range of suppliers is too extensive to write about here, but we have taken five of the most iconic pieces as samples of what you can expect in Vista Lago.

The Etcetera chair by Artilleriet

The Etcetera chair is an icon for the design expression of the 70s
The Etcetera chair is an icon for the design expression of the 70s

Sometimes a piece of furniture is indistinguishable from a work of art, and looking at the iconic Etcetera Easy Chair, one can easily understand why. Its sinuous shape and ruby-red colour offsets the neutral tones surrounding it, providing just enough contrast to make all the tones and colours work in harmony against the deep blue colours on the horizon. The concept was created by Jan Ekselius back in the 1970s, while a student at the Royal College of Art in London, and it has become, in the meantime, one of the most recognisable easy chairs of our day. It was relaunched in recent years as part of a collaboration with the Swedish design boutique Artilleriet.

The Utrecht armchair by Cassina

The juxtaposition of right angles and the soft texture of the upholstery create a statement piece
The juxtaposition of right angles and the soft texture of the upholstery create a statement piece

Neoplasticism is an art theory arising from the De Stijl movement in the Netherlands at the beginning of the 20th century, characterised by a reduction of expression to the essentials of form and colour. The Utrecht Armchair is a classic example of this rational approach to design, with a juxtaposition of right angles and the soft texture of the upholstery creating a statement piece of furniture. It is equally as perfect for the same space as the Etcetera Easy Chair, but will probably be chosen by a new owner whose sense of adventure runs in other directions. The modern-day Utrecht Armchair is a product of the historic Italian company Cassina. 

The Tracer Loop by Luke Lamp Co

Vista Lago Residences
You know that lighting is next level when it looks a piece of art during the day

Simplicity of design can be complicated: the natural tendency is to elaborate, but the Tracer Loop Lamp, designed by Luke Kelly, performs its function with simple aplomb. A rope loosely strung along a horizontal pole hung from the ceiling. Simplicity was needed here, because one more design element in the overall picture would have been one too many. The designer was inspired to move into lighting design when he stumbled across some industrial light fixtures in an abandoned railway yard in New Hampshire, and his Luke Lamp Company now produces some of the most creative lighting systems in the world. The Vista Lago resident who finds this in his new home will very likely keep it, however adventurous or conservative he or she may be.

The Bubble Chair by Eero Aarnio

Bubble Chair at Vista lago residences
The Bubble Chair “one of the most comfortable forms to hold the human body”

We’ve all seen it before, or imitations of it, in films, stage sets or design fairs, but owning an original, in the right place, is a privilege restricted to relatively few of us. The Bubble Chair, younger sister of the earlier Ball Chair designed in 1963, has become one of the furniture icons of the 20th century. It was created by Finnish interior designer Eero Aarni, using moulded acrylic to form a perfect sphere hung from the ceiling. Once described by the New York Times as “one of the most comfortable forms to hold the human body”, the Bubble Chair recently celebrated half a century, having not just remained an icon of modern interior design but retaining its futuristic look.

The Euphonious Table by UDesign

Dining space at Vista Lago Residences
CAPTION: This dining space curated by UDesign is both intimate and inviting

As the name suggests (to those of us with a dictionary at hand), the Euphonious Table is a masterpiece of minimalist contemporary furniture design, almost melodic in its simplicity. Along with its accompanying chairs, also created by UDesign, it makes for a visual orchestral piece that is perfect for its setting. UDesign began making their own furniture when they failed to find exactly what they wanted on the open market, and have now established themselves as furniture designers on par with the best in the industry. This table, set with its chairs in the half-terraced dining room of a Vista Lago villa, seems to hover over the floor despite a column-like base. It is made of KRION™, a new generation solid surface material that is warm to the touch and similar to natural stone. 

Furniture, in general, comes and goes out of fashion, but some furniture, like these iconic pieces, stand the test of time. If well designed and built of durable materials, a piece of good furniture will be loved and handed down to the next generation. 

For more information on Vista Lago Residences, visit our information and gallery page. To book an appointment to view the plot, or learn more about the project contact the Sales Team directly on: (+34) 682 105 002 or email:

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