Looking for a dream home? Vista Lago ticks all the boxes


Investing in the right property, ticking all the right boxes

Text by Vivion O’Kelly.

Investing in the right property, ticking all the right boxes

When purchasing a new property, we may simply like what we like, without delving too deeply into the whys and the wherefores. But we also like to know that one of the key investments we make in a lifetime is based on certain criteria that go beyond initial impact or mere whimsy. We need to know that our investment ticks all the boxes.

Based on our experience of the high-end property market in the Marbella area, we put together a list of the top 10 reasons most buyers have for choosing a luxury property in this area, to tick them off against the realities of a Vista Lago residence.

The first four points have to do with location, in different ways. While it would be true to say that most of us want the right property in the right place, it would be truer to say that we prefer the right place with the right property on it. Location is supreme, and that means general geographical area, specific geographical area and actual site location. And our research comes up with a fourth (and most important) point relating to location, specific to coastal areas, which is a view of the sea.


View to Gibraltar and Africa

Unsurprisingly, we all want a view of the sea, and the higher you are, the more sea you see. Vista Lago Residences is located in the hills overlooking Marbella, offering superlative views of the Mediterranean, the Rock of Gibraltar and the continent of Africa, not to mention the closer views of the magnificent landscape in and around the development. The height means you will never be overlooked, and the design of each villa means you can enjoy the best views in the world without moving from your own sofa. As Joseph Ginther, one of the architects involved in the design of Real de La Quinta, commented: “From where we are you can see three countries and two continents… that’s just an astounding place to be. You don’t find sites like that easily!”


Vista Lago and Marbella aerial photograph

Marbella is the most upmarket town in Southern Spain, and proximity to the town is invariably a key requirement in the search for the most upmarket properties in the region. Vista Lago is just a 15-minute drive away from the town’s centre, and all that it offers with regard to shopping, eating out and all the other attractions of the famous town. Top international schools, museums, art galleries, concert halls, golf courses, gymnasiums, yoga studios, swimming and sailing – all are conveniently close at hand when living in a Vista Lago villa.


Proposed Vista Lago Lake

Vista Lago is located in the new landmark 200-hectare residential country club resort of Real de La Quinta, and as such it enjoys all the amenities one would expect in such a luxury development, and more besides:

  • 35,000 m2 lake with beach
  • Water sports: rental of kayaks and paddle boards for use on the lake
  • Lake Club and shop
  • Two pools next to the lake: one open and one heated indoor pool
  • Private beach surrounded by beautiful hills
  • Tennis and paddle tennis courts
  • Executive golf course encircling the lake, with a golf academy
  • Running/biking track around the lake
  • Equestrian centre with stables
  • Boutique hotel with a wellness centre
  • Small commercial area with shops
  • Exclusive bar & restaurant
  • Children’s play parks and climbing wall

As a resident, or guest, of Vista Lago Residences, all these amenities are on your doorstep, and can be enjoyed year-round.


The reservoir close to the village of Istán

Nature is the raison dêtre of Real de La Quinta. Nestled in the hills overlooking Marbella, the development borders what is about to become Spain’s 16th National Park which, along with the current Nature Reserve, covers an area of almost 23,000 hectares and is home to 65 percent of the rare pinsapo fir trees in Spain. Add to that the valuable formations of quejigals, holm oak and Mediterranean forest, and you have a large area of rare and outstanding natural beauty. Owners of Vista Lago Residences will be able to enjoy all this within a resort that is actively working towards a sustainable future. They will also enjoy the increase in value of their property, as the closer a property is to a National Park anywhere in the world, the more valuable it becomes.


Vista Residences Marbella

Design is the difference between the normal and the rare; the difference between a Ford Fiesta and a Lamborghini, a Casio and a Rolex, a room that you walk into and feel comfortable in and a room that you stand at the door of and say Wow! It is what makes architecture exceptional, and exceptionally different.

Vista Lago is different from any other luxury development built in Southern Europe, and all of the 18 villas that make up the development, as well as the furniture and fittings in them, are different from each other. Its award-winning architects and designers have vast experience in designing luxury houses in various part of the world and have created innovative and environmentally sustainable villas that are an integral part of the land upon which they were built. Luxury minimalism would be a reasonable description of the style used, where nothing is excess and nothing gets in the way of the unique view these villas offer.


Vista Lago Residences Marbella

Each Vista Lago villa is totally independent, different and separate from the next. Complete privacy is thus ensured, and with Vista Lago being built on the highest villa plot in Real de La Quinta, no property is overlooked from any angle. Luxurious seclusion and magnificent views are guaranteed.


Security Barrier

Both Vista Lago and Real de La Quinta, one inside the other, are gated estates using security personnel. This means that the former is double guarded, while each villa itself uses state-of-the-art security technology.


Lake Istan, Marbella

This is another instance of doubling up: Real de La Quinta is a sustainable resort, the first urban development project in Spain to be certified by BREEAM, and Vista Lago is also a sustainable development, with BREEAM certification having been applied for in the design phase. A BREEAM certificate is a guarantee of good living in every sense of the word: Good for the environment on many different levels, good for your health, safety and peace of mind. Good for reducing water usage and waste, running and maintenance costs and electricity use, vastly cutting carbon emissions. Good for tackling pollution in very concrete ways, ensuring that your natural surroundings stay open and natural, allowing you to hear the song birds throughout the day and see the stars throughout the night. Good, because it makes you feel good. And very good because it increases the value of your property. In short, a BREEAM certificate gives you confidence in a sustainable way of life, now and in the future. All energy for the villas is supplied by providers using green energy and all villas have electric car charging points and water-saving taps and showers.


Home Control app

All Vista Lago villas are true smart homes, each with world-class domotics and illumination. Security systems, music, lighting, heating and air conditioning can all be controlled from a mobile phone, remotely, so you can get on with living.


Viewing the property plans

Each Vista Lago residence will have been built to each client’s preference, reflecting life-style, personal taste and family circumstance, with individually tailored packages having been carefully selected for every eventuality. Future residents can pick and choose as they wish, adapting some or all features and design solutions to suit their own particular lifestyle, inside and out. The range of customized options is wide and varied, from saunas or Turkish baths to fully equipped home offices.

Vista Residences Marbella

While these are the ten points of major interest on most people’s property bucket list, it must be remembered that there are many other features of Vista Lago villas that make them quite different and superior to anything else in the same luxury category anywhere else on the Costa del Sol. Multi-use basements, true infinity pools and double-height ceilings in some of the villas are just a few of the many extras available. Each villa is a solid and sustainable investment, built by a reputable, experienced and design-led development company. And last but not least, especially at a time when peace of mind is so important, the internationally recognized BREEAM certificate offers new buyers the added attraction of ever-increasing market value and long-term resilience.

Vista Lago Residences Marbella


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