Marbella’s Top 6 Sushi Spots


Do you remember a time before sushi? I know that it has been a tradition in Japan for centuries, but until the late 90’s in the UK and Spain, sushi was as rare a sighting on the coast as a band of Hari Krishna disciples in Sinatra Bar. The most you could expect from any opening party or development launch was endless plates of jamon y queso.

All this changed when Japanese culture went mainstream in the 90s. While some parts of the culture, like Sapporo beer and Manga comics, have lost their appeal, sushi has remained universally popular. It is perfectly suited to the Marbella lifestyle as well – as not only does it make a visual impact, but it also has tremendous health benefits – and features on menus for poolside dining at the trendiest beach clubs, as well as Marbella’s chicest restaurants and hotels.

Article by Giles Brown

Sushi chef and kitchen
Sushi has been a tradition in Japan for centuries, yet only became mainstream in Europe in the 90’s

Inch Bar

Located just off the central roundabout on Boulevard San Pedro, Oscar and his team at Inch Bar create the authentic experience of Oriental cooking. The main focus is on the food and authentic flavours. There is a variety of choices for everyone to enjoy, from Thai, noodles, classic Oriental soup and of course Sushi. A restaurant with a unique style, Inch Bar provides colourful, tasty food that will intrigue your taste buds.

Sensations Sushi

A firm favourite with locals, Sensations is a modern sushi restaurant based in Nueva Andalucía with a genuinely friendly staff who are pleased to welcome you, be it your first time tasting sushi, or if you’re on the hunt for an innovative sushi creation!

The restaurant is popular with both locals and tourists, and all the dishes are made with the freshest, best quality ingredients. Open for lunch and dinner, the restaurant also does takeaway, and sandwiches and wraps are available too.

Sensations Sushi is one of the best local spots to quickly satisfy your sushi cravings


Part of the Gran Melia Don Pepe Hotel, Tahini is a fantastic sushi bar and restaurant, bringing the most popular Japanese favourites to Marbella.

Open every day for lunch and dinner, Tahini enjoys stunning views of the Mediterranean and the bustling promenade of the Golden Mile. Once again, care and attention are brought to every dish using the freshest ingredients with the most flavour and presenting them with beautiful style.

Tahini also offers a takeaway service, so you can enjoy all your favourite Japanese dishes from the comfort of your own home.

assorted sushi from Tahini
This assorted sushi from Tahini is exactly what it looks like - mouth-watering


Described by one guest as “The best sushi and sashimi this side of Tokyo(!)”, Genji is a small, cosy, genuine sushi bar in the centre of Marbella with a great sushi / sashimi bar where you can sit and enjoy some genuine Japanese plates.

Tuna, salmon, bass, yellow tail are all fresh and all beautifully prepared before your eyes. One of the beauties of Genji is that it is not pretentious, nor does it try to be something that it’s not. This is genuine, honest, and simple Japanese food that offers fabulous value for money.

Mai Sushi is a Japanese fusion restaurant
Mai Sushi is a Japanese fusion restaurant

Mai Sushi

Mai Sushi is a modern Japanese Fusion Restaurant where classic taste meets with modern cuisine. Located in the easily accessible Central Commercial Guadalmina, Mai Sushi has become a popular and comfortable venue to enjoy a delicious and unique style of dining.
Serving lunch and dinner, Mai Sushi offers quality service and competitive prices in a relaxed setting.


Nobu Matsuhisa’s acclaimed restaurant is certain to redefine your dining experience in the heart of Marbella´s Golden Mile. This foodie´s temple, run by Eleni Manousou, Nobu’s first female Executive Chef, offers inventive dishes, merging classic Japanese cooking with Peruvian flavours. It is safe to say that as soon as you open the menu, you will be blown away. From Toro Tartare with Caviar to Black Cod Miso, from its famed Japanese Wagyu to Salmon Avocado Sushi Maki, Nobu hasn’t so much raised the bar as karate kicked it sky-high.

Nobu sushi
There’s sushi - and then there’s Nobu sushi

As well as being gastronomically outstanding, Nobu is also achingly trendy. Add a delicious signature cocktail, some DJ tunes by the lounge area, and you´ll be all set to enjoy the Nobu experience.

Its latest addition? A tasty Nobu to-Go menu, the perfect choice to add some flavours to those cosy nights in.

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