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The Agency Marbella, represented by The Belleside Team, is making waves in the real estate market of Costa del Sol. Known for its expertise in the luxury real estate sector, The Agency brings a wealth of experience and a robust network of professionals to Marbella, offering exclusive properties and investment opportunities.

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In this interview, we discuss the 2024 Marbella Real Estate Market Report with Leif Orthmann, Managing Partner, and Benjamin Beza, Sales Director at The Agency Marbella – The Belleside Team. They provide insights into the current market trends, opportunities for American buyers, and the future of real estate in Marbella.

What are the key findings of the 2024 Marbella Real Estate Market Report?

Leif Orthmann: The 2024 Marbella Real Estate Market Report highlights several key trends. First, there has been a significant increase in American buyers investing in Marbella. This is driven by Marbella‚Äôs luxurious lifestyle, cultural richness, and economic stability. The report also indicates a 10% rise in property prices over the past year, with an average price per square meter reaching ‚ā¨4,533. Additionally, Marbella has been recognized as the Best European Destination, further solidifying its status as a prime location for luxury real estate investments.

Why is Marbella becoming a preferred destination for American investors?

Benjamin Beza: Marbella offers a unique combination of factors that appeal to American investors. The region boasts a mild climate, beautiful landscapes, and a high quality of life. Moreover, the competitive pricing compared to other luxury markets like New York, Miami, or Los Angeles makes Marbella an attractive option. The recovery of direct air routes between Spain and the United States has also played a crucial role in increasing American tourism and investment in the area.

Leif Orthmann, Managing Partner, and Benjamin Beza, Sales Director at The Agency Marbella
Leif Orthmann, Managing Partner, and Benjamin Beza, Sales Director at The Agency Marbella

How does the current economic climate affect the real estate market in Marbella?

Leif Orthmann: The economic climate is favourable for real estate investments in Marbella. Despite global geopolitical tensions, Marbella’s market remains stable and resilient. The anticipated interest rate cuts by the European Central Bank are expected to further boost the market. Additionally, the Spanish government’s visa programs, such as the Golden Visa and Digital Nomad Visa, offer attractive residency and tax benefits, encouraging more international buyers, including Americans.

What types of properties are American buyers most interested in?

Benjamin Beza: American buyers are particularly interested in luxury villas and apartments located in prime areas like the Golden Mile and Nueva Andalucía. These properties offer not only luxury but also significant investment potential. Buyers are looking for homes that provide a blend of modern amenities, security, and proximity to Marbella’s vibrant social scene and beautiful beaches.

Vista Lago Residences
The steady growth of property values ensures good returns on investment (Pictured Vista Lago Residences)

Can you elaborate on the benefits of investing in Marbella’s real estate market?

Leif Orthmann: Investing in Marbella’s real estate market offers several benefits. The steady appreciation of property values ensures good returns on investment. The region’s appeal as a luxury destination guarantees a high demand for rental properties, providing investors with a reliable income stream. Furthermore, Marbella’s strategic location with excellent connectivity, high-end amenities, and a cosmopolitan lifestyle makes it a desirable place for both living and vacationing.

What future trends do you foresee in the Marbella real estate market?

Benjamin Beza: We expect continued growth in the luxury segment, driven by international buyers. Sustainability and technology are becoming increasingly important, with more buyers seeking eco-friendly and smart homes. The upcoming urban planning changes in Marbella, set to be approved by 2027, will also enhance the city’s infrastructure, making it even more attractive for investors.

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Marbella stands out as a premier destination for American buyers seeking luxury, comfort and a sound investment

How does The Agency Marbella support its clients in navigating the real estate market?

Leif Orthmann: At The Agency Marbella, we offer personalized and expert services to our clients. Our team of professionals understands the nuances of the high-end market and provides tailored advice to meet each client’s needs. From property selection to the legal aspects of purchasing, we ensure a smooth and efficient process. Our goal is to help clients make informed investment decisions and find their dream homes in Marbella.

Marbella stands out as a premier destination for American buyers seeking luxury, comfort, and a sound investment. The insights provided by Leif Orthmann and Benjamin Beza underscore the vibrant and promising real estate market in Marbella, making it an ideal location for discerning investors. With The Agency Marbella – The Belleside Team, clients can navigate this dynamic market with confidence and expertise.

Read the report in full here: 2024 Marbella Real Estate Market Report

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