The 10 Most Expensive Homes in the World


Article by Victoria Wood

The Rob Report has recently published its annual list of the World’s Most Expensive Homes – we take a look at the top 10.

The Robb Report annually provides us with the current year’s most expensive homes in the world. It may not be something we all covet or could ever afford, but you’ve got to admit that it’s intriguing to find out what houses around the globe sell for, and how they compare in location, size, land area, decor, features, and who would live in places like these? From ranches to retreats, beachside mansions to country estates, let’s take a look at the top 10 most expensive prime real estate for sale in 2020.

10. Vatuvara Private Islands, FIJI – $155 million

Vatuvara Private Islands, FIJI

I have to say that on reading up on what a hundred and fifty million dollars comes with, this one sounds like a bit of a bargain! For your transaction you’ll receive four islands in total, one of which already has three luxury villas developed on it ready for you to live in, or manage as hotel rentals. As well as this, you are provided with your very own transportation to, from and between the islands in the form of the resort’s private aircraft. So, for a private set of islands making up a 5,187 acre plot, three standing villas and a plane, the Vatuvara Islands, Fiji sound like a little bit of heaven on earth.

9. Villa Firenze, Beverly Park, California, USA – $160 million

Villa Firenze, Beverly Park, California,

In keeping with its namesake, Villa Firenze does spark a tuscan flare of old Florence. The neighbourhood itself otherwise boasts typically modern homes which contrast completely with this authentically Italian estate. Featuring 30,000 square feet of mansion, the house sits proudly atop almost a ten acre stretch of land. You’ll cruise up the extensive driveway (equipped with fountain adorned roundabout) and park in one of 30 spaces in its onsite motor court, before climbing the steps to its palatial, grand entrance. Previously owned by aircraft leasing billionaire Steven Udyar-Hazy, the sprawling estate also provides two-bedroom guest houses, a huge outdoor swimming pool and water feature, ornate statues lining the grounds and gracing the property, a tennis court and 40-feet tall palm trees. Think marble flooring throughout, dual staircases from the main hall, 20 bedrooms, 23 bathrooms, and if you get bored you can step out on to the running track surrounding the grounds. A little Italy all by itself, Villa Firenze brings you your very own Italian Palazzo!

8. Mesa Vista Ranch, Texas – €220 million

T. Boone Pickens, American legend in his own right sadly passed away last year. Having recognised he was going to run out of time, he put over 40 years of solid hard work and investment into conserving, preserving and allowing the local wildlife to flourish on his land. He added canals and lakes, waters that are so frequently in need in this region of the Texan panhandle. He raised quail, deer and other local species in an attempt to let nature take over. His passion for hunting was an angle to the quail rearing and the land now features an enormous 30,000 square foot home atop a multitude of immaculate terracing. There is no shortage of greenery in an otherwise relatively stark region. The price of the estate comes in at a cool $220 million, just shy of its original asking price of $250 million, and for this you’ll get over 65,000 acres of land, an onsite pub, a 10,000 square foot dog kennel, and plenty of quail to hunt, if you so desire. This is truly an incredible property with so much to offer, and the wildlife side of it really adds to the value.

7. Aspen Valley Ranch, Colorado – $220 million

Aspen Valley Ranch, Colorado

Another ranch, this time owned by former Chenire Energy CEO, Charif Souki, is situated only 10 miles away from the exclusive slopes of Aspen. Because of this you’ll find a grand garage prepped and ready for your snowmobiles, quad bikes and four wheel drives. The residential parts of the property extend over 34,000 square feet on its 800 acres of land spanning eight houses and in total boasting 31 bedrooms and bathrooms. The centrepiece, namely the main ranch house, features a 14-seat dining room, open theatre, wine cellar, 12ft fireplace, stunningly high barn-style ceilings and open-plan living spaces, whilst radiating warmth and comfort alongside opulence and luxuriousness. There’s also the Aspen Mountain house, Mount Daly house, the Highlands house, the Sopris house and the Capital Peak house on the property, all as stunning and decadent as the last. The ranch also offers an eight-horse stall stable, riding arena and pen, tack room and feeding area. In the 2,000 square foot barn you’ll find the entertainment zone fully equipped with table tennis, pool table, arcade games and an eight-man bar! This is a phenomenal property, with incredible surrounding landscape, plus 80,000 square feet of unrealised, residential development potential as well as full infrastructure with irrigation and a water treatment facility.

6. Casa Encantada, Bel Air, California — $225 million

Casa Encantada, Bel Air, California

Casa Encantada, should it sell at the asking price, will reportedly become the most expensive home ever sold in California! This 40,000 square foot Georgian-style mansion, a rare find in the Bel Air’s predominantly contemporary-build area, was designed and built in 1937, and was once owned by hotel tycoon Conrad Hilton (who bought it for a snip at $250,000!). Current owner, financier Gary Winnick, has renovated the entire property using designer Peter Marino to modernise the interior, photos of which are currently unavailable. You can be sure that the opulent dining room, ornate 18ft high-ceilinged living spaces and countless bedrooms, most of which boast ocean views, are still boasting a grand-manor effect. The grounds and gardens are immaculately kept and extensive, featuring a rose garden, tennis court, basketball court, koi carp ponds, pool and pool house.

5. Gateway Canyons Ranch, Gateway, Colorado – $279 million

Gateway Canyons Ranch, Gateway, Colorado

This is an amazing slice of history, architecture and landscaping The Gateway Canyons Ranch features three current residences with permission to build up to 370 individual family homes on the site! The current houses boast exquisite craftsmanship with the main house, West Creek Ranch, featuring eight bedrooms and eight bathrooms split over four floors, an elevator to service them, formal dining room, breakfast room, chef’s kitchen, art studio, study, theatre, game room, gym, staff quarters, pool and spa, water fountains, elaborate fireplaces, two-level library, five-car garage, helipad, and comes complete with luxurious furnishings – all covering a living area of 25,500 feet. And that’s just the main house! There’s also a stream on the property which is frequented by trout, easy pickings for the in-house chef to prepare for your evening meal. If you did happen to purchase this picturesque, 8,700 acres of red rock country you’ll also be permitted to keep hold of the 50 vintage cars from Discovery Channel founder and owner of the ranch John Hendricks’ collection. Oh, and by the way, there’s a full working observatory to lay back and take a look at the Colorado stars.

4. Brewster Ranches, Marathon, Texas — $329 million

Brewster Ranches, Marathon, Texas

Not only is this property upping the stakes on the price somewhat, but the land mass on offer here reaches an astronomical 420,000 acres. If you can get your head around the sheer size of that, then move on to what comes with this incredible package. Brewster Ranches are currently home to 22 properties that have been carefully acquired over decades; San Francisco Creek, Dove Mountain, YE Mesa, Sheley Peaks, Pine Mountain, Maravillas Canyon, Bullis Gap, Housetop Mountain, Pena Blanca Mountain, Yellow House, Reed Spring and Darling Canyon to name a few. And you won’t be short of jaw-dropping landscape with creeks, canyons, valleys, mountains, caverns, masses of wildlife and hunting opportunities, and of course the place is jam-packed with history and American culture. The cliche that everything is bigger in Texas reigns true with this property – the entire ranch being half the size of Rhode Island in itself!

3. Pierre Cardin’s Bubble Palace, France — $390 Million

Pierre Cardin’s Bubble Palace, France

Stepping away from the States at last and hopping over the pond to France, we find the unique property of Pierre Cardin, known as Le Palais Bulles, or Bubble Palace fashionably located on the coast of Cannes. Designed by architect Antti Lovag, the curvaceous, unconventional appearance of this 12,900 (not) square feet of cave-like dwelling is up for sale at a whopping $390 million. It may be a hard sell and not only due to the cost, but this property is an acquired taste to say the least, resembling more of a sculpture than an actual home. Nevertheless, the property has a grand foyer, panoramic living area, an 500-seat amphitheatre on the edge of the cliff, 10 bedrooms (each individually designed by famous artists such as Daniel You, François Chauvin, Jêrome Tisserand and Gerard Cloarec), multiple swimming pools and several waterfalls. To say it is a decorative property is an understatement.

2. 24 Middle Gap Road, Hong Kong — $447 Million

24 Middle Gap Road, Hong Kong

No one in their right mind can fathom paying almost $450 million for this property, yet this is reflective of the going rate in this highly sought after neighbourhood in Hong Kong. Only five years ago another property nearby went for a staggering $657 million. The tree-filled grounds and gated boundary makes the home extremely private and secure and the house itself features five en-suite bedrooms, a plush living room with fireplace and separate dining room and a family room. Nothing that stands out as warranting the current price tag except for the address – the Peak neighbourhood where it is situated is one of Hong Kong’s biggest tourist attractions – The Peak Tower. From here you can take in the view of the harbour, shop till you drop and enjoy some fine dining. The Peak itself is the highest point on Hong Kong Island with an elevation of 552 metres and is extensively covered by country parks and walking trails. Does this help justify the freakishly high cost of a five-bedroom house?

1. The One, Bel Air, California — $500 Million

The One, Bel Air, California

And now for the world’s most expensive property on sale right now – aptly named ‘The One’ and it still sits at number one despite still not being completely finished. This huge home features 20 bedrooms, 30 bathrooms, with a master suite that you wouldn’t be able to see the far end of at a gigantic 5,500 square feet! Designed by architect Paul McClean for film producer Nile Niami, the home comes equipped with plenty of entertainment – five swimming pools, a nightclub, 36-seat cinema, a garage fit for at least 30 cars, a bowling alley and sprawls lavishly across the hill it sits proudly atop. At 100,000 square feet the house is currently the largest private residence in the whole of America and unsurprisingly is referred to as a mega-mansion.

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