The quarantine memes we all need

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Article by Sophie Ann Gatward-Wicks

Humour is the mind’s naturally integrated coping mechanism. Linked closely to crying, (another natural stress reliever), it would explain why many people actually cry when laughing. A good sense of humour is an escape valve for the pressures of life, much like tears are the overflow to overwhelming sadness.

With the global pandemic having a huge impact on everybody’s life, and the subsequent lockdown causing a dramatic change to our plans; reshaping our futures, it is no surprise that the internet has turned out some great comedic material on the whole experience.

Sue Fitzmaurice said, ”Every time you find humour in a difficult situation, you win.” And that is exactly what these internet gems have accomplished.

Our top quarantine memes

1.) When the experts advised the public to try and maintain normal routines in order to continue a structured day around working from home, this is probably not what they meant, but they really should have been more specific.

quarantine memes

2.) For anyone feeling nostalgic about their commute on the London underground, (or any subway or train service for that matter), this one’s for you.

3.) Then there has been the setbacks, endless hours of ”connection issues” and the pure fun of having to conduct business meetings, training and university classes via various video chat platforms whilst still wearing pyjama bottoms.

4.) If back then was now…

5.) Had anyone even heard of Zoom before lock down?

quarantine memes

6.) Not having to physically go into work, does make the ‘getting ready’ morning routine that much harder to come to terms with.

quarantine memes

7.) For those of us who weren’t on the daily grind prior to lockdown, or perhaps have just always enjoyed the company of absolutely nobody in the comforts of our own homes… Things felt a little awkward. Almost enjoyable.

quarantine memes

8.) The introverts have won this one.

quarantine memes

9.) Though none of us could escape the dawn of the COVID email updates, it did all start to feel a little extra apocalyptic when our inboxes began filling up, daily.

quarantine memes

10.) When we are pining for that weekend meet up, or have had to miss out on a wine mixer which was in our calendar for months, it doesn’t mean we have to give in. Who says we can’t be social just because we are self isolating? Grab a glass, pour the drink and make a toast!

11.) As we can’t go out and enjoy ourselves, we are limited to the simple enjoyments that chilling at home provides. Basically, lockdown has given snacks a whole next level of importance.

12.) However, self control seems to diminish as soon as we self isolate.

13.) For most of us, it’s gone a little something like this:

7am Breakfast
7:15 Dessert Breakfast
8:30 Panic Snack w/ news
9:45 Chocolate
11:30 Snack while standing up staring
12:30 Lunch w/ small dessert
2:00 Post nap luncheon
4:30 Trail mix
6:00 dinner w/ weird vibes
10:00 Ice cream

— Bunmi Laditan (@HonestToddler) March 19, 2020

14.) And this:

quarantine memes

15.) On the bright side, looking forward to pub quizzes, when you’re the eldest in the group and a question is asked about anything remotely related to 2020. We got this!

16) If we take a look at this graph of absolute accuracy, we can observe the rate of importance of certain consumables since the beginning of the year.

Analysts are still trying to figure out how to create a graph to contain the rate at which alcohol is flying off the shelves.

quarantine memes

Even if we all emerge from lockdown a little heavier, somewhat disoriented and unsure of our social skills, the good news is that everyone will be a bit more forgiving, and hopefully, we’ll come out the other end with a healthy amount of humour, ready for the next apocalypse (probably aliens).

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