Vista Lago: Key Factors in its Success


What exactly are we looking for in a well-designed luxury villa? The impressive success of Vista Lago Residences provides us with the answers.

Article by Vivion O’Kelly. Images courtesy of BRIGHT

Vista Lago Residences

Success in relation to architectural design, construction and marketing may be difficult to define successfully, but if a luxury development of 18 villas is put on the market and 12 of them have been reserved in a relatively short space of time, then we have a definition. The first villas sold in 2021 will be finished by the end of next year, while the entire project will be finished by second half of 2024.

Vista Lago Residences
Vista Lago lies between Marbella’s iconic La Concha mountain and the La Zagaleta estate

Add to that the winning of major awards (World’s Best Residential Development and Best Architecture in Europe in the International Property Awards) and most relevant of all, a close look at the development itself, and we have what could be described as a roaring success in every shade of the word’s meaning. Considering previous successes by the BRIGHT/UDesign partnership, which includes the award-winning Villa Alcuzcuz, this is as expected.

Identifying the key factors that make Vista Lago Residences stand out from all the others may be a useful way of sorting out what exactly we want in a well-designed luxury villa.

Without being dogmatic about it, we can reasonably assume that most people decide where they want to live before deciding what they want to live in, and this brings us to location as the most important factor of all.

views from Vista Lago take in the Mediterranean, Gibraltar and the coastline of Africa
The expansive views from Vista Lago take in the Mediterranean, Gibraltar and the coastline of Africa

Location and views

Location means general geographic area, specific location within that area and site location, and if a single reason for the success of Vista Lago is to be identified, it is matching the most outstanding properties with the best possible location. And that would be Andalucía, Marbella and the actual Vista Lago site in the Real de La Quinta estate, situated in the hills above Marbella and bordering Spain’s newest National Park, providing views over the Mediterranean coastline to Gibraltar and Africa beyond.

Lake Istan
The development is surrounded by nature, yet close enough to the coast


The close proximity of the Sierra de Las Nieves National Park gives us some clue as to how important this region is to Spain’s outstanding ecosystem, although official confirmation is hardly needed: a brief look at a map will tell us that this is the nearest one can get to virgin territory while still being within comfortable range of the amenities most of us find it difficult to do without. Such sites are rare in the Marbella area these days – one could almost say, unique.

The 35,000 square-metre lake
The 35,000 square-metre lake will be walking distance from Vista Lago Residences


The amenities on offer are two-fold: those within the 200-hectare (that’s a snip short of 500 acres) residential country club of Real de La Quinta and those outside but close. The former includes a 35,000 square-metre lake with beach, water sports and lake club, tennis and paddle tennis courts, golf course and academy, running and biking track, equestrian centre, boutique hotel and wellness centre, small shopping centre, bar & restaurant and children’s play area. Vista Lago residents and their guests are welcome to use these facilities all year round.

The vast range of cultural, commercial, sporting, leisure and entertainment activities available in and around Marbella are simply too numerous to mention here, as are the professional and government service offices and health centres, and all are within a fairly short driving distance of Vista Lago.

Stunning views
World-class design is one of the main reasons for Vista Lago’s success

World-class Design

You cannot buy good design. You cannot sign on the dotted line and expect good design in exchange for money. It is not a commodity available in specific quantities at varying prices, but something intangible that involves a certain knowledge of design on the part of the buyer. As far as design is concerned, you have to know what you’re buying.

Vista Lago Residences
Each villa in Vista Lago is designed differently

That, along with location, is the reason most of the new Vista Lago villa owners have decided to purchase here. They have recognised the enormous creative effort that has gone into every aspect of every Vista Lago villa, from exact site orientation and construction to the finest architectural and interior design details both outside and inside. The style is luxury minimalism adapted to a warm climate, where the living is as much external as internal, the difference between the two being barely noticeable. Comfort and easy living probably best describe this contemporary style, achieved through the use of natural materials in a creative and innovative way, with floor-to-ceiling glass windows and doors, and nothing in the way of the magnificent views from almost every living space. If ever proof were needed that design influences the way we live, it is here in Vista Lago.

Vista Lago Residences - Stunning views
Stunning views from your sofa at Vista Lago

Privacy and Security

Vista Lago is a gated community within a gated community with full security staff. Each villa, with state-of-the-art security technology used throughout, has been designed individually, each different from the next but maintaining an overall unity of design as a complete development. No property is overlooked by any other.

Vista Lago Residences - sustainably designed and built
All the villas at Vista Lago are sustainably designed and built

Sustainability and Technology

Both Vista Lago and its mother estate, Real de La Quinta, are fully sustainable developments, with BREEAM certification having been granted to Real de La Quinta and Vista Lago currently in the process of obtaining theirs. This is an internationally recognised guarantee of sustainability, ensuring health, safety and peace of mind for all residents. All properties are smart homes, each with advanced domotics for security, lighting, music, heating and air-conditioning.

Vista Lago Residences -
These smart homes can be customised to suit the needs and lifestyle of each client


Individually tailored packages have been developed to suit the varying tastes and lifestyles of future owners in Vista Lago, allowing the buyer to become as much involved in the design and finishing process as he or she wishes. The complete range of customised options is wide, from Turkish baths and saunas to fully equipped home offices or entertainment rooms.

Vista Lago Residences - true infinity pool
Every villa has a true infinity pool


For the numerous professionals involved in a major project like Vista Lago, including developers, architects, interior designers, builders and many more, one of the most satisfying stages is the last, which is seeing all the villas lived in. Many developments take years to reach this stage, but in the case of Vista Lago, with only six villas still available for purchase, it is just around the corner. An investment in Vista Lago is an investment in a secure and attractive future.   

Vista Lago Residences - lounges, fireplaces and private terraces
All master suites have lounges, fireplaces and private terraces

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