Vista Lago wins in the European Property Awards


BRIGHT is delighted to announce that Vista Lago Residences is a winner in the prestigious European Property Awards in two categories: Architecture Multiple Residence and Residential Development.

Vista Lago Residences wins European Property Awards

This places Vista Lago in the top three finalists in Spain in these award categories, with the overall winner of the Best Development in Spain to be announced at the official award presentations in London on December 2nd of this year. If Vista Lago is successful, it will then be nominated for Best Development in Europe.   

The International Property Awards, accepted as a mark of excellence throughout the property world, were established to celebrate the success of cutting-edge companies operating in all sectors of the property and real estate industry all over the world. They cover multiple categories, with thirteen in architecture alone, ranging from the design, construction and presentation of individual properties and developments to interior and architectural design, marketing and real estate.

Vista Lago Residences
At Vista Lago you can enjoy the amazing views from your sofa

These prestigious awards are divided into nine different regions throughout the world:  Africa, Arabia, Asia Pacific, Canada, Caribbean, Central & South America, Europe, the UK and the USA. Candidates first enter at national level, where they are judged in numerous property disciplines by an independent team of experienced professionals, the winners of each category qualifying for the subsequent International Awards.

Stuart Shield, formerly of Saatchi & Saatchi, publisher of the International Property and Travel magazine and founder of the International Property Awards in 1993, has this to say about the awards: “No others have more variety in taste, countries and backgrounds. Our awards are a bit like the Stirling Prize in architecture, but super-charged.”

Each villa at Vista Lago has a different style
Each villa at Vista Lago has a different style

Sponsors of the awards include such iconic names as the car companies Jaguar, Mercedes Benz, Bentley Motors and new this year, Rolls Royce. Winners in all categories have the right to use the award logo, which is instantly recognized throughout the world of property development, in their marketing and sales material.    

Vista Lago Residences, BRIGHT’s entry for this year, is a completely new concept in residential development. Made up of eighteen villas that share a common design concept and built to the highest standards design and construction, they are all, nevertheless, different from one another. At Vista Lago, creativity and innovation at the highest level has turned a development of luxury villas into a unique work of architectural and interior design.

Dining with great views at Vista Lago
Dining with great views at Vista Lago

The development sits on an area of 6.5 hectares, within the much larger Real de La Quinta luxury estate located in the foothills of the Sierra de la Nieves mountains above Marbella. Intelligent positioning provides some of the best views in the world, over a lake, La Concha mountain, the Mediterranean coastline to Gibraltar and the continent of Africa beyond, from almost every room in each Vista Lago villa.

The architects responsible for the design of Vista Lago are UDesign, 2019 winners of the Best Architecture in Europe prize for their remarkable Villa Alcuzcuz, and they will collect the prize in this year’s Architecture Multiple Residence category.

Each villa at Vista Lago nestles into the mountainsid
Each villa at Vista Lago nestles into the mountainside rather than sitting on top of it

UDesign, partnered with BRIGHT when it was set up in Spain, have vast experience in designing luxury houses and villas all over the world. Their style could be described as luxury minimalism, with ample use of the cantilever to provide open spaces both inside and outside. In Vista Lago, they have taken innovation and environmental sustainability to new levels of perfection, ensuring that all construction remains an integral part of the land surrounding it. Nothing gets in the way of the unique views each of these villas has to offer.

Vista Lago are true infinity pools
All the pools at Vista Lago are true infinity pools with views straight to the Mediterranean Sea

Michael Rodziewicz, CEO of BRIGHT, says: “The way we think with regard to property development is design, design, design. And this becomes the primary expression of our creativity, always aiming for a certain feeling, a framework for a lifestyle to be built upon. Designing from this perspective makes you look at the small details as well as the bigger picture.

“Everything we do,” he goes on, “has the homeowner in mind, our ultimate aim being to create a wonderful modern villa where the buyer has the freedom to express their own style, from choosing materials and detailing to having furniture and decoration made entirely to measure. That means every villa at Vista Lago Residences will be both a stunning property and a unique home, while having all the advantages of forming part of a gated community.”

Beautiful bedroom suites at Vista Lago
Beautiful bedroom suites at Vista Lago

We here in BRIGHT await the final result of these awards with confidence and hope. As Aristotle said: “Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort and intelligent execution.”

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