What makes Vista Lago different from other developments?


From architectural innovations to cutting edge energy conservation and sustainability, Vista Lago leads the way in innovative home design.

Vista Lago Residences

Being different for the sake of being different is very different from being truly different. Any student of architecture can design a building that will stand out from the rest – a splash of bright colour on the façade, perhaps. A few lines going in counter-intuitive directions, an overall shape which, rather than pleases, shocks. Making it different and getting it right is a lot more difficult than making it different. We have reason to believe we have achieved both in Vista Lago.

There is no main difference, because architectural creativity and innovation in all directions have been the driving forces in our approach from the very start. Rather than the all-white slabs of concrete and glass one sees so much of on the Costa del Sol, frequently positioned haphazardly on the landscape, we designed each Vista Lago villa as a rich tableau of form and texture that sits perfectly on its own plot, part of its own landscape, making it look as if it has always been there.

Vista Lago Residences

Texture, in this case, means the use of natural, sustainable materials in construction. The beauty and resilience of the material does the job perfectly well, and no further decoration is needed.

Architectural innovations

Although all the 18 villas in this luxury development are different from each other in detailed design, we have maintained a visual unity throughout by the use of certain basic architectural features common to all the buildings. The most outstanding of these, and the most innovative, is the distinctive beams that wrap around the hallway of each villa.

windows from the main living space slide back into a glass wall
All the windows from the main living space slide back into a glass wall behind these beams

The idea here was to optimize the views and integrate all the living spaces, inside and out. A floor-to-ceiling window, or window wall, in the main living space, sliding back into solid walls and leaving a seamless boundary between inside and out, may have seemed to be the obvious solution, but the same solid walls would have blocked light and views in other areas, thus passing the problem on. Our solution was to design a glass wall in the hallway, encased in 12×14 centimetre beams, that the windows in the main living area slide behind, ensuring unrestricted views in the lounge while at the same time creating a light-filled hallway with unrestricted views of the sea, and a beautiful vertical design feature on the outside.

Another innovative feature is the design of our infinity pools. Looking across these pools from the terrace, one sees the water surface as being level with the main terrace floor on all sides. Most ordinary pools have the water surface 20 to 30 cms below the level of the terrace. This means that, to enter the water, one is forced to step down, whilst in our pools you simply step into them. The pools are true infinity pools with nothing coming between the view of the pool and the deep blue of the sea beyond.

water at the same level of the terrace
This image shows the water at the same level of the terrace (without the built-in steps to be added to each Vista Lago pool)

Furthermore, we have designed steps running into our pools for their entire length or width, depending on each individual villa design. While such attention to detail provides the useability and comfort we seek in all our villas, the raising of the water surface to terrace level also allows for stunning reflections of the building when the water is calm.

Design formula to maximise the views

We created a layout for the living area that would maximise the views – “lounge, terrace, pool, sea” – is a simplified version of the formula that was applied to every villa. This design allows one to fully appreciate everything the plot has to offer, whether standing in the kitchen, sitting at the dining table, relaxing on the sofa or sunbathing on the terrace. The view is ever-present. Every area of the lounge and terrace looks straight out to the sea.

Vista Lago Residences
Even from the very back of the lounge you have a stunning view of the sea

Energy Conservation and sustainability

The other main area of difference and innovation is in cutting-edge energy conservation and sustainability. This is less evident on sight alone, but can, nevertheless, be clearly seen in the use of natural materials throughout each Vista Lago villa. All are BREEAM certified, which guarantees a high level of environmental performance and reduction of the impact of each building both during the construction stage and throughout its life cycle.

Vista Lago is surrounded by beautiful countryside
Vista Lago is surrounded by beautiful countryside

Specifically, it means improved energy efficiency at all levels, including electricity saving through state-of-the-art heat recovery and intelligent control systems, a comprehensive photovoltaic installation, all LED lighting, increased thermal insulation thickness of the building envelope and an indoor ventilation system with both exhaust and intake heat recovery. The energy consumption of the pool will also be reduced by the pre-installation of a water heating system using renewable energy.

Water will be saved by a variety of innovative measures, all aimed to avoid modification of the natural water cycle as much as possible. Treatment systems, including drip irrigation for grey water and rainwater, dual-flush toilets, pressurized tap systems, efficient water storage, soil moisture sensors to regulate irrigation cycles and many more measures are all part and parcel of a Vista Lago villa.

Water conservation is taken seriously at Vista Lago
Water conservation is taken seriously at Vista Lago

As far as efficient lighting is concerned, it would probably be sufficient to know that at least 80 percent of the working area in every Vista Lago kitchen, living room, lounge and study benefits from direct sunlight. Light sensors are used in all outdoor lighting, and all indoor installations comply with the highest of official regulatory requirements. Of special visual interest is the solar lighting used in communal spaces throughout the development, illuminating the plants and stones on roundabouts and other areas to create a soft and intimate ambience, lowering its impact on the natural environment.

Vista Lago Residences
Dining with a view at Vista Lago

All villas will have an intelligent climate control system (and security system) capable of regulation by mobile phone, with water-based underfloor heating in all living spaces except the kitchen, which will have electric underfloor heating.

Add to all this the innovations in sustainable materials used in all Vista Lago villas and in land use, protection and creation of natural habitat, strict pollution control with regard to waste and water run-off, and you have a subsequent increase in health and wellbeing in a safe and sustainable environment for now and for the foreseeable future. If it’s difference we’re looking for, there you have it.

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