Where to celebrate San Juan in Marbella


It might seem a bit alarming that having just rolled into summer, it’s already time to celebrate summer solstice and bid farewell to the longest days of the year. But what better way to do it than with a bonfire, a purifying midnight swim and plenty of wine and dancing?

San Juan in Marbella

This year is also somewhat special – after two summers of pandemic restrictions, traditional bonfires are back in full swing! Here’s a BRIGHT selection of the best events to attend.

Article by Anastasia Sukhanov

Marbella Club – MC Beach

There is very little chance for any Marbella Club event to go wrong – it’s always classy, fun and worth the money. Suitably named The Night of The New Beginnings, the San Juan edition of an MC Beach evening will start at 8.30pm with a welcome cocktail and is planned as a relaxed kid-friendly celebration with live music, buffet, and fireworks. And if you’re indeed looking for new beginnings, you can earn a few good karma points right away – part of the proceeds from ticket sales will go to activities related to the conservation of the marine environment through Aula de Mar, a Malaga-based environmental and educational project.

San Juan in Marbella MC Beach

Nikki Beach Marbella

They humbly call it Dinner under the Stars but it will probably be a celebration in true Nikki Beach style: grand and luxurious. Gather around and let the bonfire sparks fly under our twinkling lights. Embark on an evening journey filled with mystical traditions, curated Mediterranean cuisine, magical entertainment, and barefoot chic vibes! Organized in partnership with Martell, the oldest of the “big four” cognac houses in the world, the event will also be anything but dry.

San Juan in MarbellaNikki Beach

Besaya Beach Marbella

Besaya Beach is offering a white-dress code party this year complete with all things firey: a fire show, fireworks and a special bonfire to burn your notes with scribbles of wishes on. Dinner is a la carte. There’ll be live music, a DJ Verox set and all-night entertainment. Besaya Beach is a good strategic point to start a night anyway – Puerto Banús is only a 10-minute beach walk away!

San Juan in Marbella Besaya Beach

Tikitano by Besaya

A little further away in Estepona, Tikitano by Besaya will be having a similar party too, but with a special mouthwatering set menu. In relative terms, Estepona’s beaches are a lot less crowded so if you’re looking to do your midnight swim in a more intimate setting and perhaps even skinny dip, this might be your kind of party!

San Juan in Marbella Tikitano

Trocadero Sotogrande

Starting at 22.30 which gives you time to enjoy any of the above-mentioned dinner events, Trocadero Sotogrande will celebrate San Juan with a traditional bonfire gathering but, more importantly, a concert by Jose Manuel Soto, a Seville-born singer of rumba and flamenco. Having starred at Starlite Festival back in 2018, he now mostly sings accompanied by his sons at more intimate gatherings.

San Juan in Trocadero Sotogrande

Playa Padre

Marbella’s Playa Padre might be famous for “hardcore” partying, but there’s a good reason for that – the open-air venue attracts some of the best international DJs and San Juan 2022 is no exception. This year you get a chance to dance your socks off to the hypnotic electro beats of Monolink, a sought-after songwriter from Berlin. If you ask me, there’s no better way to get slightly hypnotized by music and the shortness of the night than while dipping your toes into the sandy dancefloor and feeling the sea breeze on your skin.

San Juan in Marbella Monolink

Siroko Beach Marbella

Always a great venue for dinner accompanied by exciting live music acts, Siroko will be celebrating San Juan with an impressive lineup: Live Music from Eliza Handley, Annya Electric Violin, Magasax and resident DJ Dan Costelloe. Oh, and a fire show, of course!

San Juan Fire eater

Sonora Beach

Chilled out, laid back, jazzy and funky – Sonora is undoubtedly all of those things! On top of it, the 2022 edition of its Spanish-fusion-with-a-twist-of-Asian-flavour menu is yet again finger-licking good. In the spirit of Sonora’s best nights, it will host a San Juan celebration complete with a DJ set and, of course, a bonfire. If you haven’t yet been to Sonora, San Juan is the most magical night of the year to attend: the Bali-inspired look of the place can transport you as far as your imagination can go…let loose by a great cocktail menu 🙂

San Juan in Marbella Senora Beach

San Pedro Beach celebrations

Finally, if you don’t feel like a set dinner or a party you actually have to book, San Pedro has you covered! Playa La Salida, which is more commonly known as the end of the San Pedro boulevard, will host “Los 40 Urban Party”, an event that will last from 8pm to 1am and is promising to focus on modern urban genre of music with live performances from José Rico, Tatiana de la Luz, Dellacruz y Amato, DJ Ramsés López and Javier García. The organizers have underlined that the event is symbolic of Costa del Sol’s return to normality after a few tough pandemic years. It is also said that sufficient security will be monitoring the traditional bonfire rituals and that cleaning arrangements have been made to make sure the event doesn’t cause any damage to the beach environment. Great way to host a spontaneous and yet a consciously organized party!

San Juan in Marbella Beach Bonfire
Head to the San Pedro boulevard for a music-filled San Juan party that requires no prior booking or tickets! (Photo by Contando Estrelas for Flickr)
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