Which resort destinations have the best internet speed?


Article by Victoria Wood

It’s not just sunshine and good times, Marbella ranks in the top 10 of this list of prime leisure destinations…

Man sitting on terrace with laptop looking out to sea

When considering a vacation, or a relocation, there are checklists that we all make. Climate is top of most people’s priority lists, whether it be alpine snow or beach life we are after, it matters and makes all the difference to our choices. Cuisine is also ranked highly as well as amenities, security and accessibility.

But global shifts due to the current pandemic have made our priorities change. We all want good internet speed, plenty of space and nature on our doorstep. Right now, a far higher percentage of people are working from home all over the world and not only has that changed people’s routines but it also means that those with a more flexible work rhythm can also change their location without disrupting their performance, or availability. Many of us can now work from anywhere we like, time zones permitting of course – it isn’t easy to work from Indonesia if your company is based in Europe, unless of course your work is not time specific and you can get it done at any moment in the day.

Internet Speed testing App

Due to this rise in personal dependency on internet connection, prime locations are now those which can offer a fast, reliable broadband. Uninterrupted WiFi is essential to many people and in recent years has come top, or close to top, on the list of priorities when selecting a destination for either buying a new property or taking a holiday.

To outline their ranking according to these requirements, Savills Second Home Survey lists the top 50 global prime leisure locations in relation to their average broadband speed. The speed is measured by the Federal Communications Commission (USA) with ‘fast’ being classified as greater than 25mbps, and 10mbps being the minimum required for those requiring consistent streaming and the ability to work from home.

Napa Valley sign
Napa Valley is number 1 on the list with the fastest internet speed

Top of the list comes the rural region of Napa Valley, California which boasts a whopping speed of 61mbps! Not so closely followed by, but still at super-speed, is the European coastal resort of Monaco at 44mbps. Third, fourth, fifth and sixth are all famous American tourist destinations and three out of four are ski resorts; Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Aspen and Vail, both Colorado, only one being a coastal region – Malibu, California. And then, at number seven, comes the luxury coastal resort of Marbella, the only Spanish contender to feature in the top 10!

Marbella coastline and the Concha mountain

Within the resort and coastal destinations category, 18 of them have average broadband speeds of 10 mbps or more meaning that sand, sun, and (internet) surfing would be easy in these locations. The 10 locations in this category that have a poor speed, of less than 10 mbps, could still be good choices but visitors or potential residents would have to purchase fibre broadband (if available) satellite internet or a mobile broadband service.

The list shows the speed of the location’s broadband as well as the type of leisure destination outlined as ‘leisure category’. These are divided into three simple categories; resort/coastal, ski, and countryside.

The Top 20 Prime leisure locations ranked by broadband speed
Table for resorts and internet speed

To see the full list of the top 50 locations visit the Savills blog.

So, if the pandemic-induced flexibility is here to stay, it is evident that Marbella will be one of the leading destinations in Europe for relocation and holiday choices. It has the year-round sunshine, incredible climate, nature on tap, stunning coastline with impeccable beaches, stunning mountainous landscape, sparkling Mediterranean seas, entertainment to suit all, fine-dining, Spanish culture, and a further string to its bow – reliable, strong broadband connection!

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