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Interview and article by Victoria Wood

This month’s BRIGHT agency focus is on Engel & Völkers, Marbella. Engel & Völkers is an iconic real estate agency boasting offices in 800 locations, 34 countries, on five continents; their slogan aptly offering that “Wherever you want to move – we are already there.”

Marbella Coastline

The German born company was founded in 1977 in Hamburg, initially by Dirk Engel, and soon after joined by partner Christian Völkers who named and continued the company after the death of Engel in 1986.

Their ethos is simple, offering the best level of quality assurance through a systematically structured service. These key factors, along with their in-house real estate academy providing highly-qualified sales representatives, serve to make Engel & Völkers one of the world’s leading real estate brokerage firms.   

Specialising in premium residential property, commercial real estate, yachts and aircraft it is safe to say that E&V are an agency that leans toward the more high-end, exclusive properties. Their presence in Spain began in 1990 and there are now more than 80 offices in the country providing an extensive national and international network for their customers.

Smadar Kahana, Owner and Managing Director of Engel & Volkers, Marbella
We talk to Smadar Kahana, Owner and Managing Director of Engel & Volkers, Marbella

BRIGHT are delighted to be establishing a relationship with this exceptional company, and so to delve a little deeper we posed some questions to Smadar Kahana, Owner and Managing Director of Engel & Völkers, Marbella.

What three things would you say best describe why E&V is so successful?

E&V is a leading brand for luxury real estate with 800 shops around the world, a well known and trusted brand for most of the international clients coming to Marbella and subsequently we have the largest database of existing clients in the mid to top-end as well as the largest portfolio of fine properties. With many offices of E&V in Marbella, a strong and large sales team, as well as a development department and marketing department, we are the biggest and the most efficient sales force on the coast.

What is the primary business philosophy at E&V?

Exclusivity – Passion – Excellence are the core values of our brand and enable us to provide the most excellent and exclusive service to our clients, buyers and sellers.

With such a rapidly growing and widely spread company how does E&V manage to maintain their high standards?

All our real estate consultants, worldwide, have graduated from the international real estate academy of E&V, so that the company can maintain the same excellent level of service all over the world. Besides this, the company continues to invest in the latest technology to assure the highest service and is the only company offering a completely transparent service with an APP to its owners, where they can follow in real time the whole sales process.

Engel & Völkers staff
Engel & Völkers staff speak 14 different languages

…this summer was the best summer in over 18 years in terms of sales.

How has the pandemic affected purchasing in the area this year?

In contrast to many expectations, during the lockdown we received a huge amount of inquiries from clients, both Spanish and international. It seemed that people were looking for larger living spaces, and, in fact, this summer was the best summer in over 18 years in terms of sales. We have seen a greater amount of villas sold, especially in the upper end of the market. However, it is important to point out that the majority of sold properties have been new or renovated properties.

What are your predictions for the market here in 2021?

We believe that the pandemic has created a new trend. Many business people have realised that they can manage a large part of their business remotely and therefore can live in greener places and in a better climate. We expect that once the travel restriction passes, Marbella will be the permanent living choice of many more people and families. Marbella, with its large and well equipped villas in green zones, plus having the best climate in Europe, provides better standards of living for the family, not only in lockdown periods but also throughout the year.

Smadar Kahana, Owner and Managing Director of Engel & Volkers, Marbella
It was a busy summer this year for the Engel & Volkers team in Marbella, selling more properties than the last 18 years!
With one of the company’s slogans being – “We speak the language of our customers”, how many languages are spoken within your team?

Around 14 languages, if not more!

Why should someone choose E&V as their real estate company?

We believe that E&V is a trusted name worldwide and therefore you can rely on the most professional service. As mentioned, all our real estate consultants graduated from our international real estate academy and have excellent local market knowledge to be able to provide the best advice for any kind of investment.

Engel & Völkers staff
The Engel & Völkers team came to the BRIGHT showroom for a presentation and made a site visit to Vista Lago Residences
Engel & Völkers staff at Vista Lago Residences
Could you tell us why you’re opting to work alongside BRIGHT?

Bright is elevating the level of offered properties on the market, offering the most stunning design and innovation beside a very substantial living solution. This product is definitely much desired by the kind of international clientele that E&V deals with. We are thrilled to offer these villas to our selected upmarket international clients, and believe that this kind of perfection is well needed in this vivid market. Together with our excellent sales force, Bright and E&V have all the needed structure to be a winning team.

Vista Lago Residences
The 18 villas at Vista Lago Residences are designed by award-winning architects and designers
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