Agency Focus: Marbella Luxury Homes


Marbella Luxury Homes was created in 2014 when Johan Fabri, a certified real estate agent in Belgium, made his first real estate transaction on the Costa del Sol. Fast forward to 2023 and with two offices on the coast, 1,550 apartments sold, more than 4,300 satisfied clients and over 54 million euros in property sales in the last year, the company is well and truly on the Marbella map.

Marbella Luxury Homes consists of international professionals who are fluent in the language, culture and consumer habits of their clients. As they say on their website: “We are here to find you your dream home on the Costa del Sol”.

The team at Marbella Luxury Homes
The team at Marbella Luxury Homes

We spoke to the team about their business and the real estate industry in Marbella.

1) How would you describe the Marbella Luxury Homes philosophy?

Marbella Luxury Homes is dedicated to providing top-tier, personalised real estate services that cater to our client’s unique needs and desires. We prioritise quality, integrity, and a deep understanding of the real estate market from Malaga to Sotogrande.

2) What do you feel sets your agency apart from others in this area?

Our agency stands out due to our unwavering commitment to delivering a lifestyle rather than just a property. We offer comprehensive services that go beyond the transaction, such as tax & legal, rentals, service, insurance and many more. We provide our clients with an immersive experience that helps them fully embrace the Mediterranean way of life.

3) The home page on your website states that you sold 54,687,374 euros worth of property in 2022. Amazing! How is 2023 looking?

We are heading in the same direction as our agency is consistently focused on achieving remarkable results. We anticipate a strong performance in 2023, are expanding all services and are excited to continue serving our clients with exceptional real estate opportunities, such as those offered by BRIGHT.

4) You describe yourself as a “Lifestyle Company”; how do you help your customers get to know the area?

We assist our clients in exploring and experiencing the area to the fullest. This includes offering insights into the local culture, organising neighbourhood tours, and private boat trips to get a different overview of the region, recommending the best restaurants and leisure activities within AndalucĂ­a and Spain, and connecting them with the broader international community.

Marbella Luxury Homes office and three branded cars
With a fleet of branded cars, the team are easy to spot around Marbella!

5) What are the most challenging and satisfying parts of your work?

The most challenging aspect is meeting the unique needs of each client while navigating the ever-changing real estate market. The most satisfying part is witnessing the joy and fulfilment our clients experience when they find their dream property and the emerging friendships.

6) Where are the majority of your clients based? Already living in Spain or from overseas?

We serve a diverse clientele, but most of our clients come from abroad, mainly from all over Europe, but also from the UK and beyond. Many of them are seeking second homes or investment opportunities on the Costa del Sol.

7) Have you noticed a rise in demand in any particular areas?

Demand can vary over time, but we’ve observed consistent interest in beachfront properties, golf communities, and luxurious villas in Marbella. Also, we see increased interest in the Estepona and Mijas areas.

8) Which area in Marbella is your favourite?

We have a deep appreciation for various areas in Marbella, each with its unique charm. Our favourite area often depends on the individual preferences and requirements of our clients.

Marbella luxury homes team infrom the the Vista Lago Homes sign
Some of the team visited Vista Lago recently to see the amazing views for themselves

9) BRIGHT’s current project, Vista Lago Residences, is located in Real de la Quinta – what do you think of this area?

Real de la Quinta is an attractive location known for its natural beauty, stunning views, and proximity to amenities. It’s a desirable area, and we’re excited to be associated with BRIGHT’s Vista Lago Residences project, which offers luxury living in this picturesque setting.

10) What prompted you to choose to work alongside BRIGHT developments?

BRIGHT developments are known for their quality, innovation, and commitment to creating exceptional living spaces. We were drawn to collaborate with them because their values align with our commitment to providing the best real estate opportunities and experiences for our clients.

Marbella Luxury Homes have two offices – one in El Rosario and one in Cancelada. For more information visit their website.