The Bookshop: A dealer in literary delights


Your Christmas gifts are sorted with just one visit to The Bookshop in San Pedro de Alcántara in Marbella.

Article by Sophie Gatward-Wicks

Girl lying on a bed and reading a book

In the rapidly evolving age of technology, the timelessness of enjoying a good book will never go out of fashion or require an update. The wholesome familiarity and simplistic joy of experiencing a page-turner, often begins after stepping foot into a good book shop.

The Bookshop located in the quaint La Colonia commercial centre on the edge of San Pedro de Alcántara, provides just that. Being a haven for book-lovers to detach from digital distractions and browse the hundreds of literary delights from acclaimed authors old and new, where writers regularly make appearances for book signings, a weekly children’s “Storytime” session is held, and a monthly Book Club group welcomes new joiners to the discussion.

All the staff members are true bookworms here, particularly the owners, who regularly work shifts on the shop floor and are always happy to help. There is no denying that this family-run business is fuelled by pure passion and bibliophilic expertise, demonstrated most recently by the owner’s daughter, Paris, who provided an insightful overview of The Bookshop’s impressive collection during a recent visit. Paris effortlessly picked up on my specific interests whilst delving into the array of genres displayed on the shelves, and highlighting the gems tucked-away amongst the better known classics. I was thrilled to find some new reads for myself, as well as taking note of all the books I wanted to revisit at a later date such as the ‘Spanish Made Simple’ cookery book by Omar Allibhoy, and ‘Good Omens’ by Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman, of which the series I have yet to watch on Prime Video.

Good Oments and Spanish made simple books

Undoubtedly the most charming feature of The Bookshop in San Pedro, is their weekend “Storytime’’ session for kids, hosted every Saturday at 11:00am, which is completely free for those wanting to pop in and hang out for half an hour, as a marvellous story is told. This is the perfect activity for the little ones to spark their imagination and discover books they may not have come across before.

Poster for Storytime at the The Bookshop San Pedro

There is also an open Book Club for the adults, with monthly discussions held and announced here.

The Book Club selection for November is: ‘Time Shelter’ by Georgi Gospodinov, with December’s book being ‘Things They Lost’ by Okwiri Oduor, an impactful original debut novel which has been Longlisted for the 2023 Dylan Thomas Prize.

Things they lost and Time Shelter book covers

The December Book Club meeting will take place at the shop on 7th of December 2023. For all those interested in visiting who have never been before, there are cafés walking distance, and a dedicated parking lot free of charge right outside. To note, there are also businesses either side of The Bookshop well worth a visit, such as the specialist wine shop “Terroirs” where you can find some of the highest quality wines from around the world.

Wine Folly cover and Booktok shelf

You are guaranteed to find the best reads at The Bookshop, which always stocks the best sellers, and stays on-trend with their dedicated section for what’s popular on #BookTok. You’ll easily find all those books you saw whilst scrolling but forgot to make a note of. And if they don’t happen to stock a particular book you’re after, they know just where to order it from, offering delivery directly to your home or chosen address, (or you can collect it from the store if you prefer).

Top 5 best seller books

As the gifting season is just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to head down for some inspiration. More than books though, the shop stocks illustrated puzzles, all-time favourite tabletop games, stationary, occasion cards, book bags, knick knacks and even book-themed advent calendars.

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