Agency Focus: Tribeca Living


As a multi-faceted real estate agency, Tribeca Living services every aspect of luxury real estate in Marbella – from buying, selling, and developing to financing, investment strategies, refurbishing, and restructuring.

We talk to Nicolas von Herberstein, Senior Sales Consultant to find out more about their agency.

Nicolas von Herberstein, Miriam Muñoz, Sales Team Assistant and Alexander Troullier, CEO
From left to right: Nicolas von Herberstein, Miriam Muñoz, Sales Team Assistant and Alexander Troullier, CEO

1-How would you describe the Tribeca Living philosophy?

We believe that being independent and free of any conflicts of interest are the fundamental building block of any long-term relationship. We focus on the long haul to ensure that we can serve our customer needs 100%. Being a results-driven firm, we operate according to a can-do company policy that successfully matches our clients with their dream homes and investments.

2-What do you feel sets your agency apart from others in this area?

Our co-founders Alexander Troullier and Daniel Cabrera have been involved in local real estate for many years. Alex first came to Marbella in 1984. Therefore, our local network and knowledge is immense and hard to replicate.

3-What are the most challenging, and satisfying parts of your work?

Being persistently on top of the ever-changing market to ensure all clients are looked after and that their needs are met 24/7.

4-Many agents on the coast experienced their most successful year ever in 2022, was this the case for Tribeca Living as well?

Tribeca Living opened their new offices in Centro Plaza. Since day one we have been extremely busy and yes, 2022 was a a strong year for us as well.

Tribeca Living offices
Tribeca Living offices can be found in Centro Plaza in Nueva Andalucia

5-How is 2023 going – is the demand still high?

We have been on the lookout for the market to cool off as one would naturally expect due to the current economic and political climate. Surprisingly, the market has so far been very resilient. Demand for prime locations has remained high. We are seeing some softness in lesser locations, but we are still talking of peak prices that have corrected a little. Those are the signs of a healthy and liquid market.

6-Have you seen a rise in the value of luxury property since the pandemic?

Absolutely. I would argue that the property market in Marbella will never be the same again. We still have more and more interest from young families in particular that are relocating here for the right reasons.

Swimming pool and decking
The sale of luxury properties is continuing unabated into 2023

7-How is the market for off-plan properties at the moment?

It is a mixed bag and in our opinion demand from certain countries is higher for off plan than others.

8-Which area in Marbella is your favourite?

I think the old town of Marbella has remained very charming and is full of character. It is fantastic to see that there are new boutique hotels and restaurants opening soon. This will continue to ensure that Marbella’s old town remains vibrant and relevant.

9-What do you think of the area that Vista Lago is located in – Real de La Quinta?

It is stunning and one of a kind for several reasons. The views are incredible. The proximity to a number of very popular destinations is great. The local infrastructure in terms of leisure activities will be hard to beat. It is very family friendly. What more can you ask for?

Real de La Quinta
The facilities at Real de La Quinta will be unsurpassed in the area

10-What prompted Tribeca Living to choose to work alongside BRIGHT developments?

Their professionalism, reputation, reliability and beautiful marketing presentations always appealed to us and we are proud of being able to work alongside BRIGHT developments.

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