Construction begins at Vista Lago

Construction site, two engineers review plans with an excavator in the background.

BRIGHT, the development company behind Vista Lago Residences, is pleased to announce that construction work on the villas has started, following an 18-month period of infrastructure development. The dream of building the best luxury development in the world (and that’s official!) is well on its way to becoming reality.

Granted, it took a while. Covid and subsequent global supply chain problems contributed to the delay in completing the infrastructure, but almost 18 months on, the construction workers have moved on-site, with the villas expected to be ready for occupancy by autumn next year.

Infrastructure work was especially challenging, given the sloped terrain that makes each of these individually designed luxury villas unique, each with uninterrupted views over the coastline, the Mediterranean Sea and North Africa beyond, and all on large plots that make each villa appear to stand alone in the landscape.

Villas designed to integrate into the natural environment
The villas are designed to integrate into the natural environment

Two construction companies will be working simultaneously to build the villas. The award-winning team at the Atlas Group, well-known for their integrity and technical excellence, and the long-established Prinza Construcciones, specialists in luxury villa construction.

Construction work, steel fixers make a reinforced steel cage for a reinforced concrete beam.

The architects and interior designers are UDesign, partners of BRIGHT, who need no introduction for those who take pride in the international success of home based professionals: multiple architecture and interior design award winners with a team of architects, interior designers and craftspeople working on luxury projects all over the world. The result is a development that has won top prize    “Best Architecture in Europe” – at the International Property Awards and “Best Development in the World”.

Vista Lago scooped the top prize in the development category at the International Property Awards
Vista Lago scooped the top prize in the development category at the International Property Awards

If we appear to be over-using the expression ‘award-winning’, it must be remembered that BRIGHT/UDesign is one of the best development and design partnerships in the world, for whom winning international awards is becoming second nature.

Michael Rodziewicz, CEO of BRIGHT, tells us that “it’s all about superb design, creativity and respect for a site that is truly unique, high in the hills over the coast, with its spectacular views from almost every part of each of the villas that make up Vista Lago.”

As far as BRIGHT is concerned, he says, the environmental impact of the project is of the utmost importance.

“Fresh air, tranquillity and silence are the key words here, because this unique development is surrounded by nature, built right beside the Sierra de las Nieves National Park, which is also very important from an investment perspective. The closer to a nature park, the more valuable a property becomes.”

Lake Istan on sunny blue sky day.
Vista Lago is surrounded by nature and close to the Sierra de las Nieves National Park

Vista Lago Residences is built on part of the upmarket Real de La Quinta estate, and as Administrative Director Andrew Lee reminds us, this was the first urban development project on the Costa del Sol to be certified by BREEAM, the world’s longest established method of assessing, rating, and certifying the sustainability of buildings and the application of the best technologies and practices in the industry.

Michael Rodziewicz adds: “BREEAM certification is also very important for our clients, who can be assured that their new home is way above market standards in the area of sustainability and respect for the environment, quite apart from being very important for investment.”

Artist's impression of lake area at Real de la Quinta
Real de la Quinta – the first urban development in Spain to be certified by BREEAM

Jason Harris, CEO and Creative Director of UDesign, explains the award-winning concept behind the design of the villas:

“For us, everything was about the view, which not only inspired the whole project but every single villa in it. We wanted the windows, for example, to totally disappear inside the walls so there was nothing between outside and inside. The formula was very clear – to ensure that the same top quality materials were used inside and out. The lounge and terrace become one seamless, endless space with the pool and the Mediterranean beyond.”

The steepness of the development site both allowed for the unique positioning of each villa and made the work of preparing the site quite challenging.

“We were intent on having each villa totally separate from the next, with complete privacy where one doesn’t see or hear one’s neighbour. The exact positioning of each unit was fundamental to its success as a private villa. We wanted all the properties, not just some or most of them, to have equally good views,” he says.

The view from lounge at a Vista Lago residence
The view from your sofa at Vista Lago

“Collaborating architects for the project are the reputable Marbella firm Gonzalez & Jacobson,” Jason goes on, “and they helped us a lot in that respect, since they specialise in the development of difficult terrain. They have been instrumental in the success of the project.”

With sixty percent of the villas already reserved, Vista Lago Residences is already one of the biggest success stories of the property world in Southern Spain, setting new standards of excellence, sustainability and creativity that will make each of these 18 villas a highly desirable investment for many years to come.

To find out more about Vista Lago Residences, visit our information page, send us an email: or talk directly with the sales team on: (+34) 682 10 50 02