Staying in is the new going out – home entertainment reaches new heights

Villa Alcuzcuz

Living in Marbella is a luxury in itself: with its unique climate, endless beaches and a plethora of entertainment options, you could never run out of “firsts”. What could be better than that? Having a home where staying in is more fun than going out. With a state-of-the-art entertainment space, wellness zone and beauty salon Villa Alcuzcuz brings new meaning to the words “home entertainment”.

The entertainment space in Villa Alcuzcuz was designed for the full spectrum of moods. It won’t let you down on a rainy afternoon spent with your partner watching movies. It provides enough options for an active morning with the kids. It can entertain your golfing pals with a simulator that lets you play on any course in the world and can easily host a party that everyone would remember for years to come.

Entertainment options at Villa Alcuzcuz, Marbella

The entrance to the entertainment space of Villa Alcuzcuz is an experience in itself: the corridor leading up to it is highlighted by LED lights on the floor and ceiling, creating a feeling of entering the coolest VIP club. Immediately in front of you as you enter is a giant HD projector screen, framed by illuminated blue onyx panels. Together with a 5-metre sofa the area is a perfect home cinema. A backlit KRION™ coffee table will serve as a fittingly sumptuous base for your drinks and popcorn. Extra seating is available on velvet stools fitted to the curve-shaped bar top behind the TV sofa. While you leisurely work your way through your Netflix favourites, you can also contemplate the wine pairings for dinner – thanks to a stunning wine display in the bodega.

Entertainment options at Villa Alcuzcuz, Marbella

A sleek sports bar that could rival the top clubs in Puerto Banús is found next to the cinema area. With its three TV screens you can simultaneously watch your favourite team play soccer, catch up on stocks and stay informed on current affairs with Euronews. For evening chats and whisky sessions there is a pool table that fits perfectly with the casual setting, resembling a sculpture rather than a bar element. Behind the bar is a DJ booth with decks so if you want to get the party started, it’s up to you to choose the tunes. Two VIP lounges on either side of the bar create the perfect clubbing atmosphere. And if you need to quickly pop out for a telephone call or write an email, that has been thought of: on the side of the bar is a secret door that leads to a mini office, which has fabulous views over the sea. With multiple wall cabinets and high-speed internet, it will serve as a perfect respite from the ongoing party or gathering.

Despite being surrounded by internationally renowned golf courses, you wouldn’t have to worry about skipping your time on the green even if it rains. A golf simulator featuring the latest technology will transport you to the best golf courses from all over the world at a push of a button – you could easily do nine holes before breakfast! Also programmed to function as a PlayStation, it will keep the kids happy too.

Entertainment options at Villa Alcuzcuz, Marbella

The wellness area of Villa Alcuzcuz caters to multiple needs. A gym with cycling, running, yoga equipment and weights will keep you fit – and you don’t need to worry about opening hours. To decompress there is a steam room. And if you’d like to avoid the hustle of booking appointments and waiting at a salon, your beauty experts can easily come to you in your personal spa: there is a backwash hairdressing sink and treatment rooms for massage, manicures and pedicures. Right next to the gym are “his and her” changing rooms and showers.

Entertainment options at Villa Alcuzcuz, Marbella

If every Friday night you’re faced with the dilemma of going out versus staying in, just think of the alternative: home entertainment. While the term has long been limited to sound systems and TV sets, Villa Alcuzcuz takes it all to a new level.

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