Villa Alcuzcuz, where luxury meets sustainability

Villa Alcuzcuz

Luxury, in design and architecture, is often associated with excessive use of resources and environmental negligence. We were always taught to admire buildings and structures that defied physical and human laws, such as the Pyramids, the Taj Mahal and the Colosseum, but we’ve moved on over recent years. Concepts like sustainable development, green architecture and ergonomic design have now become less exceptional and more part of our everyday conversation.

Bright is proud to present its own unique blend of luxury and contextual thinking: Villa Alcuzcuz, Marbella’s first luxury Passive House.

Villa Alcuzcuz Marbella
Wake up to this view in the master suite!

Passive House means exceptional energy efficiency and environmental friendliness, guaranteeing more than 75 percent saving on energy costs, even in large sizes, while also providing consistently fresh air throughout the house, structural longevity and the absence of mould. As of 2016, approximately 60,000 buildings had been constructed to Passive House standards worldwide, and the concept is rapidly growing.

The 1.460 square metre Villa Alcuzcuz is located in Reserva de Alcuzcuz, a private residential area between La Quinta, Los Arqueros and La Zagaleta golf courses, only five minutes from the coast and ten minutes from Marbella. It’s not only the perfect blend of privacy and convenience, but also a heaven for golf enthusiasts. Los Arqueros Golf, designed by Severiano Ballesteros, is a challenging 18-hole course, par 71, offering a golf academy, restaurant, gym, squash courts and tennis courts, all in a beautiful setting. In short, an ideal place to enjoy a game or have coffee or drinks with friends at the Club House. La Quinta Golf, designed by Manuel Piñero, has 27 holes, divided into three courses of nine holes each, cleverly integrated into the natural surroundings.

Villa Alcuzcuz

As well as its sustainability and energy efficiency, Villa Alcuzcuz has been built to the high design-led standards of all Bright developments. The structure of the five bedroom and five bathroom villa does not detract in any way from the beauty of its natural surroundings, and it also allows its inhabitants to co-exist comfortably in areas designed for various activities, whether seeking solitude or quality time together.

Villa Alcuzcuz Marbella
Get some fresh air with your morning coffee - the garden is just a few steps away!

The kitchen and dining areas have stunning views, which is not surprising, given that the house was designed to maximise the views from every single room. In classic Bright design thinking, the outside merges perfectly with the inside: the floor-to-ceiling window opens to provide direct access across a walkway to the vertical herb garden where, all year round, one can pick parsley, rosemary, mint, basil and other herbs, or in season, one can treat oneself to oranges and lemons in the mini orchard. The Formal lounge, dominated by dramatic Adriani & Rossi wallpaper, extends onto an ample terrace, offering unrestricted views over the Mediterranean and beyond.

Villa Alcuzcuz

The master bedroom occupies an entire side of the house and is as much a retreat as a bedroom designed to the highest luxury standards. The master bathroom is a delightful mixture of Moorish and modern influences, combining elements of both to create a truly intimate and relaxing space, apart from its use as a bathroom. The wonderful views of the sea from this bedroom can be enjoyed on waking up, first thing in the morning, without moving an inch from the bed.

Besides the quality designer furniture, fixtures, fittings and lighting, Villa Alcuzcuz has an entertainment space truly out of this world. A cinema area with bonsai elements, a games area with pool table, VIP seating areas, DJ booth and a bar rivalling the coolest nightclubs in Marbella. There is also a state-of-the-art golf simulator, fully equipped gym, wellness zone with treatment rooms and relaxation areas.

Entertainment at Villa Alcuzcuz Marbella
With some of the best golf courses a short drive away from the villa, you will be able to perfect your putting in privacy.

Villa Alcuzcuz is a showcase villa, but it has a great deal more to show than any other property of its kind, not only on the Costa del Sol but anywhere else in the world. This is how luxury should be: impressive in its environmental friendliness, built to the highest standards of design, construction and energy efficiency, and finished to an unusual degree of excellence.

Price on application.

For more information on Bright’s designer villas, call our Sales Manager Andrew Lee: (+34) 682 105 002

Architectural Award Winner: September 19, 2019 – Bright has just been notified that the architects of Villa Alcuzcuz, UDesign, will be honoured at the European Property Awards in London on October 24, 2019 in the category “Architecture Single Residence

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