Villa Alcuzcuz – new standard for Marbella’s property market

Villa Alcuzcuz

Villa Alcuzcuz is Marbella’s first luxury house designed and built under Passive House Regulations and Standards. The carbon footprint of this villa is much lower than a house half its size would have. In a totally unprecedented way, it sets a new property market standard, proving that luxury can, and should be sustainable.

Sustainability and luxury might be perceived as being on opposite ends of the comfort spectrum, but they don’t have to be. Villa Alcuzcuz brings the two together, masterfully combining environmentally sustainable characteristics with sheer, unadulterated luxury.

Villa Alcuzcuz sits on one of the highest plots in Reserva de Alcuzcuz at kilometre 43 on the Ronda Road. With the building process well underway, the villa is due for completion next year.

Villa Alcuzcuz Marbella
Wake up to this view in the master suite!

Preventing thermal loss

Preventing thermal loss is one of the basic characteristics of a Passive House.

  • Thermal insulation

Thermal insulation completely covers the house, including the roof, foundation, façades and windows.

  • Foundations

The foundations of Villa Alcuzcuz contribute towards energy efficiency and CO2 emissions with a double layer of insulation.

  • Façade

The façade system uses an extra thick layer of insulation (15 cm), creating a thermal cover that protects the house.

  • Windows and doors

High-quality windows and doors of the villa comply with the Class 4 tightness test, the highest possible level

  • Terraces

The terraces are designed as large projected “sunbrellas” that protect the house. They give shade inside, allowing the heat to enter in the winter and cool air in the summer.

The façade system in Villa Alcuzcuz
The façade system in Villa Alcuzcuz

Reducing energy consumption

Energy efficiency is the cornerstone of the Passive House concept. Over the course of a year, a Passive House uses no more than the equivalent of 1.5 litres of oil or 1.5 cubic metres of natural gas (15kWh) to heat each square metre of living space. Compared to a typical building, this creates up to a 90% reduction in space heating or cooling energy use. In addition, Villa Alcuzcuz uses other methods of reducing energy consumption, such as an aerothermal ventilation system and the use of solar panels for the water supply, the underfloor heating and the LED lighting system.

Read more about the Passive House concept in our recent blog.

Making every room a living room

What makes a great living room? Breathtaking views that invite reflection and open spaces that make communication natural. Villa Alcuzcuz has both. It flows effortlessly from one space to another: from the imposing geometry of the main entrance to the monumental formal lounge, from the kitchen area to the adjacent herb garden, from the intimate space of the master bedroom to the practical walk-in wardrobe, between the five distinct areas of the terrace.

Considering the climate of the area, all inside and outside living areas are fully integrated, allowing for the concept of outdoor living to be fully realised. And even looking from the inside out, the views are still unprecedented. The four windows in the formal lounge use the tallest panes of glass available in the world (6.20 metres high by 1.70 metres wide), so the eye is not distracted by large frames: there is a total of 40 square metres of glass with four slim aluminum frames! All the windows are motorised, folding behind each other at the touch of a button, leaving nothing to distract from the view.

Staying in is the new going out

Even on a rainy day you wouldn’t have to leave your home to have fun. Villa Alcuzcuz has an entertainment space truly out of this world. A cinema area with bonsai elements, a games area with pool table, VIP seating areas, DJ booth, fully equipped gym, wellness zone with treatment rooms and relaxation areas, and a state-of-the-art golf simulator. Besides, when your local bar is inside your villa and could rival the coolest nightclubs in Marbella, why would you want to leave at all?

The master bedroom occupies an entire side of the house and is as much a retreat as a bedroom designed to the highest luxury standards. The master bathroom is a delightful mixture of Moorish and modern influences, combining elements of both to create a truly intimate and relaxing space, apart from its use as a bathroom. The wonderful views of the sea from this bedroom can be enjoyed on waking up, first thing in the morning, without moving an inch from the bed. You could easily spend a whole day between these areas, enjoying a long weekend or doing that long-awaited digital detox.

Villa Alcuzcuz
When your own bar rivals the local club scene.

Insuring safety at all times

To make sure no time is wasted worrying about security and protection, a surveillance and alarm system is connected to a domotic system. Residents know what is happening in their home at any given time, from any given location, as long as an internet connection is available. If a door is left open and no movement is detected for a specified amount of time, the door will automatically close.

Besides the quality designer furniture, fixtures, fittings and lighting, Villa Alcuzcuz has an entertainment space truly out of this world. A cinema area with bonsai elements, a games area with pool table, VIP seating areas, DJ booth and a bar rivalling the coolest nightclubs in Marbella. There is also a state-of-the-art golf simulator, fully equipped gym, wellness zone with treatment rooms and relaxation areas.

Villa Alcuzcuz is indeed Marbella’s first luxury villa built with consideration for the environment. But it’s not just a statement made by Bright, the development company, it’s an indicator of a turning point for the property market. The swell of voices is rising, and in the virtual absence of corporate and governmental action, it’s up to each of us to make a positive contribution to the change that’s needed. Bright is proud to have developed the first luxury, sustainable property in Marbella’s high-end market and is hoping this initiative will be continued by others.

Lowering our carbon footprint is something we should all be doing. Thanks to Passive House regulations and standards, our homes can actually help us to achieve a sustainable lifestyle.

For more information on Bright’s designer villas, call our Sales Manager Andrew Lee: (+34) 682 105 002

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