Villa Alcuzcuz receives prestigious architecture award


Villa Alcuzcuz

Bright is very proud to announce that the architects of Villa Alcuzcuz, UDesign, will be honoured at the European Property Awards in London on October 24th in the category “Architecture Single Residence”.

International Property Awards is a global institution that celebrates the highest levels of achievement by companies operating in all sectors of the property industry. For over 25 years a panel of more than 50 well-respected experts from a range of complementary backgrounds judge excellence in architecture, interior design, real estate and development.

Villa Alcuzcuz is Marbella’s first avant-garde luxury house designed and built under Passive House Regulations and Standards. This means the villa is environmentally friendly to an exceptionally high degree with a carbon footprint much lower than a house half it’s size, proving that luxury can be sustainable.

Energy efficiency lies at the heart of the Passive House concept. Over the course of a year, a Passive House uses no more than the equivalent of 1.5 litres of oil or 1.5 m3 of natural gas (15kWh) to heat each square metre of living space. This can equate to more than a 90 per cent reduction in space heating and cooling energy use, compared to consumption in a typical building. A conventional new build still requires 6 to 10 (or even more) litres of oil per year and square metre of living space, depending on building quality and location.

Read more about the Passive House concept in our recent blog.

Villa Alcuzcuz sits on one of the highest plots in Reserva de Alcuzcuz at kilometre 43 on the Ronda Road. With the building process well underway, the villa is due for completion early next year.

Check out the video below to see the work completed on the villa over the last few weeks!

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