When staying in is more fun than going out

Villa Alcuzcuz
Entertainment options at Villa Alcuzcuz, Marbella

Some days you just want to chill. Thankfully, the 519 metre-squared entertainment space at Villa Alcuzcuz provides plenty of options for mixing it up. We’ve made a selection of our five favourite ways to spend time there if we were the lucky owners.

Satisfy your cocktail craving

You might think that three screens are excessive for a home bar, but it’s perfect for multipotentialites. You can be watching your favourite show, catching up on stock exchange news and following the Brexit debate – all without wasting a single minute on adverts.

Entertainment options at Villa Alcuzcuz, Marbella

Finally become a binge racer*

According to clinical psychologist Dr. Renee Carr, “when binge-watching your favorite show, your brain is continually producing dopamine, and your body experiences a drug-like high”. So, get your Netflix favourites list and popcorn out: this sunken cinema comes with a 5-metre sofa, which means there is no need to go anywhere for naps between episodes. Extra seating is available on velvet stools fitted to the curve-shaped bar top behind, in fact you can invite 14 people to join you in this home cinema.

* A binge racer is someone who aims to finish a full season of a show within 24 hours of its release, according to a press release from Netflix.

Entertainment options at Villa Alcuzcuz, Marbella

Fit in nine holes in Scotland, before lunch  

St. Andrews Old Course, Pine valley Golf Club, Cypress Point Club… these names are music to the ears of a golf aficionado, and along with the best golf courses in the world they are available at a push of a button with the state-of-the-art golf simulator at Villa Alcuzcuz. Easily programmed to function as a PlayStation, the simulator will also keep the kids occupied.

Entertainment options at Villa Alcuzcuz, Marbella

Do in-house spa treatments

Avoid the hassle of booking appointments and waiting at a salon, or dragging yourself out for a massage when you just want to stay cosy – your hairdresser, masseuse, manicurist and beautician can come to you instead in your own personal spa. There is a backwash hairdressing sink, massage table, pedicure and manicure station, sauna and jacuzzi plus a chill-out area. Invite your friends and make a day of it.

Hair Salon

Play pool and chill  

Whether it’s a stag do, a casual dinner with friends or a family Christmas gathering, you can’t go wrong with a game of pool. This one is so cool that it fits perfectly with the luxurious setting, resembling a sculpture rather than a vintage bar element.

Entertainment options at Villa Alcuzcuz, Marbella

When choosing a luxury villa in Marbella, you might not immediately think about its entertainment offering. After all, there is enough going on: beautiful beaches, endless options for going out, the cultural scene. At the same time, we all occasionally need a break from the noise of the outside world. And these days staying in is the new going out.

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For more information on this one-of-a-kind home, call our Sales Manager Andrew Lee: (+34) 682 105 002

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