Spain as a top retirement destination for 2020

Euros in Spain

There are plenty of excellent reasons to visit Spain at any time of life. Yet if you’re contemplating where to retire, then Spain is one of the highest rated places to do so, and here is why.

Spain is not all about the weather, although this is absolutely a winning factor when it comes to feeling the pull to settle here. The diverse landscapes that bless the country range from coastal resorts on the Mediterranean, to mountain villages, rustic farmlands and Cosmopolitan cities. Whatever lifestyle you’re looking for, you can find it Spain-side.

This Southern European country with a relatively small population of around 46 million, boasts a reliable infrastructure, great healthcare system, and offers a vibrant culture and lifestyle. You can even get away without speaking Spanish, though we urge you to do your best to try!



Yes, the south is generally hot and sunny with mild temperate winters which lure the crowds to the coast throughout the year, and occasionally forever! The surrounding cities within Andalucía also provide this type of weather plus colourful culture and an abundance of culinary delights; think Cordoba, Valencia, Granada, Sevilla, and Malaga. Despite the notorious heat down south, the rest of the country actually contributes to making Spain the most climatically varied country in Europe. Further north in Madrid, for example, you’ll find hot summers and cold winters, and the Atlantic coast or ‘Green Coast’ even further north has a more ‘four season’ approach to life. And if you’re looking for mountain range life, you can head to the hills in Picos de Europa, the Pyrenees and Sierra Nevada.

Natural Wonders

Value for money

The cost of living in Spain makes it one of the most desirable places to settle in Europe. This varies depending on where you opt to live of course, city-life being higher. You can always find luxury living if that is what you’re looking for – but you may well find it at a better cost! The Mediterranean diet is considered to be one of the healthiest in the world and food costs, dining out and general produce is affordable and relatively inexpensive compared to neighbouring countries. The general cost of living – utilities, rent, car, healthcare, etc. is excellent, depending of course on your lifestyle choices.


Spain has an excellent healthcare system which is free for its tax-paying residents and was placed as the eighth best in the world by The Healthcare Access and Quality Index in 2017 (dropping only to 10th in subsequent years). The country also boasts fantastic private healthcare which is affordable and of an exceptionally high standard.


The Spanish lifestyle is laid back, relaxed, healthy, and safe. Family is top priority, crime rates are low, the diet is the best in the world, the air is clean, population low, and there are more annual fiestas than you can shake any kind of stick at. Things start late; having dinner after midnight is not abnormal, but since the influx of other Europeans with earlier appetites, all are catered for. Bars, cafes and restaurants spill out on to the streets and plazas in every corner of the country. There’s masses of historical culture to be explored, with its impressive architectural past, Moorish influence, white villages, churches, cathedrals, castles and much much more. You’ll never run out of places to visit. You can lounge on the pristine beaches, tour the seas by boat, pop up to the mountains to ski or walk, hike in the hills, or simply soak up the easy going ways of village life. There is absolutely a lifestyle to suit everyone.

Natural Wonders of Andalucia

Real Estate

Having such a diversity of lifestyles, Spain also has a huge range of property types. Since the financial crisis in 2006 property prices are still generally lower and offer very good investment potential. Read our blog on Returns on Spanish Property Investment.

Wherever you decide to lay your hat you’ll be overwhelmed by the diversely beautiful landscapes, laid back lifestyle, carefree locals, incredible climate, exceptional diet, health services, affordability and range of accommodation options that Spain has to offer. A highly recommended destination to spend your golden years.

According to International Living Magazine, Spain is in the top 5 most affordable places to live in Europe, with the cost of living coming in at 2,140 euros per month. But, ultimately, Spain’s real appeal is not its low cost, or it’s weather, or it’s diverse landscapes and brilliant healthcare system.. it’s the friendly, helpful, and life-loving people that are its most seductive asset.

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