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Updated 9 March, 2023

Why has Vista Lago Residences become the most talked about new luxury development in recent years on the Costa del Sol? 

Article by Vivion O’Kelly

The answer is multi-fold: each of us tends to focus on what most delights us personally, and with regard to a development as different as this is in so many respects from any other in the region, no single answer will suffice. Creativity, exceptional design and construction, location, facilities, sustainability…

Vista Lago Residences, Marbella

There are many good reasons to choose a Vista Lago villa, quite apart from the fact that it is located close to the most prestigious tourism resort in Spain, that it is right beside a new National Park, that is has been designed by one of the most reputable architecture and design firms in Europe, that it comprises 18 super-luxury villas that are all different, that all properties are sustainable to a degree quite unusual in Europe as a whole, that the area where it is located, Real de la Quinta, boasts a range of leisure facilities worthy of any luxurious hotel anywhere in the world, including an artificial lake with its very own beach and beach club, and that each villa has been designed to the highest standards possible in today’s world.

So what are the professionals in the industry saying about it?

Jerry Kyrk, “Best Agent of the Year 2022”, Bjurfors Marbella

“We really love the way you work. You don’t build just a home. You start with the interior and build the home around that, so you get a product that will give you the WOW feeling, without any compromises.

Also, I have to say that Real de La Quinta is one of the most exciting projects ever. I would consider it the area with the most potential maybe in the whole of Spain. Previously, you had to go to Zagaleta to get the security and privacy, and that is quite far away. Real de La Quinta is our own version of Zagaleta, but with better access and some world-class amenities.”

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Vista Lago Residences by BRIGHT.
Sebastian Jimenez, Managing Director of Aqua Estate property agency

“It’s a fantastic location and by far one of our favourites, for me it’s the best of everything, you have the stunning, panoramic, elevated views, some of the best onsite facilities, and only a short drive away from everything. When the area is developed we expect it to be one of the best places to live not only locally, but worldwide.”

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Vista Lago Residences, Marbella
Christopher Clover, Managing Director of Panorama property agency

“Panorama has always associated itself with the highest quality properties for sale in the Marbella area. BRIGHT (developers of Vista Lago) represents quality on all possible levels: location, extraordinary design and attention to detail, highest quality in finishes and in customer service. And of course, with all the necessary legal guarantees. Quality is what this next decade is all about. Quality is what Marbella has always been about.”

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Vista Lago Residences, Marbella
Smadar Kahana, Engel & Volkers property agency

“Bright is elevating the level of offered properties on the market, offering the most stunning design and innovation beside a very substantial living solution. This product is definitely much desired by the kind of international clientele that E&V deals with. We are thrilled to offer these villas to our selected upmarket international clients, and believe that this kind of perfection is well needed in this vivid market. Together with our excellent sales force, Bright and E&V have all the needed structure to be a winning team.”

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Vista Lago Residences, Marbella
Sergey Sinichkin, Founder and Director of Drumelia Real Estate

“BRIGHT has a very bright vision of what they are doing and we love the product they are creating, love their approach to real estate, for example, Vista Lago Residences – something different on the market, fantastic architecture, location, views, concept, excellent product.”

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Margareta Stjernström, Owner of Mas Property Marbella

Vista Lago Residences is an excellent project that the market needed. The design of the villas is spectacular in every single way. We strongly believe that this project is one of the most impressive ones currently on the market. Vista Lago villas are timeless properties that can suit basically any type of buyer looking for a 21st century modern living on the Costa del Sol. I think that this project can perfectly suit a family, a young couple, a retired couple, etc. The countryside is becoming more of a sought after lifestyle, depending on the lifestyle the buyer is looking for. Unfortunately in Marbella it is difficult to be close to the sea and have a modern property. Sometimes the sacrifice to have an ultra-modern home is to go a little away from the coast. However, the views are breath taking and the properties are a good value for money as per their proximity to all amenities, views and design.”

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Vista Lago Residences, Marbella
Tatiana Pekala Founder Dream Property Marbella

“The most important thing about Vista Lago Residences is the concept, the idea behind the project. The location, views and design are fantastic, but the most important thing is that building your client’s house, you fulfil their wishes, actually before they even think about them. The second thing I like about the Vista Lago project is that it will be a sustainable estate, built in harmony with nature. We need such solutions, because although the climate crisis has almost disappeared from the media pushed out by the pandemic, it does not mean that it is over. On the contrary, it is deepening, so all nature-friendly technologies should be promoted.”

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Joseph Ginther, architect (on Real de la Quinta location)

“From where we are you can see three countries and two continents…! That’s just an astounding place to be, you don’t find sites like that!”

Vista Lago Residences, Marbella
Jason Harris, CEO and Creative Director of UDesign

“Nothing stands in the way of the view. The windows slide into the wall, to bring the living area out into the terrace, becoming an extension of the house itself. Even closed, you see very little of the window frame. All are open plan, with no walls in the living spaces and columns reduced to the minimum. Our design philosophy is to devote as much thought, cost and innovation to the interior of the houses as the exteriors. And all the furniture in the villas has been chosen or designed exclusively for them, either by UDesign or by other top designers, and is thus unavailable on the open market. There is nowhere else like it in Europe.”

Vista Lago Residences, Marbella

And we finish with comments from BRIGHT’s own CEO and Sales Director which sum up very well what the  BRIGHT team think about Vista Lago Residences.   

Michael Rodziewicz, BRIGHT CEO

“We at BRIGHT have one main goal – to build a dream HOME (not just a building) for our clients. Vista Lago Residences is designed to maximise privacy with absolutely unobstructed sea, or sea and mountain, views. These amazing views are extremely rare, and the whole development has been designed to maximise them from every villa. Aside from the views, working with BREEAM we offer truly sustainable living with our “future proof” villas.”

Andrew Lee, Sales & Administrative Manager at BRIGHT

“The BRIGHT team are proud to be developing Vista Lago in this outstanding area of Benahavís, following principles of environmental sustainability and remarkable contemporary architecture to create something we can all be proud of to be enjoyed for generations to come.”

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