What men want in a home


What men want in a home boils down to this: somewhere to be proud of, somewhere to feel comfortable in, somewhere to work in and somewhere to have fun in.

Article by Vivion O’Kelly

Man opening the door with a smile

Extensive surveys by reputable research groups show that the ideal home for a man has no inside, while the ideal home for a woman has no outside.

Well, not quite, but something like that. In general, men are more concerned with external appearance, and women with interior functionality and comfort. The presumption here is that prestige and pride in achievement is more important to men, who may be less influenced at time of purchase by the practicalities that make a home more attractive to women. One prestigious consumer researcher puts it like this: “Men focus on conquer and achieve, women tend to engage and relate”.

Another consumer study found that a group of women entering a house will head for the kitchen to chat around the island, while men will grab a beer and “go out on the deck or somewhere and talk.”

But we don’t need statistics (the average person has 1.97 legs) to know what men tend to like in a house, because half of us are men and most of us live in houses.

Vista Lago Residences Marbella
The terraces at Vista Lago all have fabulous views across the Mediterreanean

Do-nothing space

They like space to potter about in, doing nothing in particular. That means they like garages and other spaces that can be used for this purpose, or lack of purpose. They like a place to lounge in, doing nothing more useful than watching films or sport on television or playing computer games. Some of them like pottering around in the garden, as long as there is no hard work to be done, and some like a space inside the house they can call their own, where they can enjoy their favourite activity of doing more of nothing in particular, but doing it in peace. And for those who are forced to work at home once in a while, an office is essential.

Vista Lago Residences Marbella
There is no shortage of spaces to lounge in at Vista Lago

The Vista Lago Residences architects and designers took great care to ensure that the average man could enjoy his favourite activity in and around each of the 18 luxury villas that make up this unique development, especially with regard to the ground-level entertainment spaces that can be adapted to multiple uses, from cocktail bars, cinemas and TV rooms to workout and wellness centres and games rooms.


Perhaps relating to their status as protectors of the clan eons ago, men are generally more interested than women in home security. In Vista Lago Residences, the issue of home security does not arise: the luxury 18-villa development is a gated community within the larger gated community of Real de La Quinta.

Barrier of a gated community
Vista Lago is a gated community within the gated community of Real de la Quinta


It comes as no surprise to discover that many men are happy with the layout of a house as long as they can always sit in their favourite seat. We asked Alexa why, and she spoke quite eloquently and convincingly about environmental psychology and the like, but sadly, provided no statistics.

Most men will deny this, assuring guests they are free to choose any seat they want, but that is a lie. The guest is perfectly free to choose any seat as long as it is not the one the man of the house uses, and if the guest makes the wrong choice, the average man of the house will find it difficult to hide his irritation.

Once again, this is not a problem in a Vista Lago villa. All the seating areas, whether for dining or lounging in, inside or out, have been designed in such a way that there is no seat anywhere that is not a pleasure to sit in. With floor to ceiling glass walls and windows, views from all parts of the house have been studied to ensure all are spectacular, whether looking towards the blue Mediterranean and beyond or looking towards the mountains.

Vista Lago Residences Marbella
Dining with an amazing view at Vista Lago

Curb appeal

A term used ad nauseam by over-excited real estate agents all over the English-speaking world, it describes, nevertheless, exactly what we mean: how good the property looks from the roadside. Our answer: just look at the pictures. In Vista Lago, every villa stands on its own in the most elegant and attractive way, separated from its nearest neighbours by the lay of the land and clever landscaping. Design-wise, the architects have excelled in ensuring that each of the 18 villas, while maintaining a unity of design throughout the development, are also all different from each other. The style could best be described as contemporary minimalism, with clean lines and simple shapes in a natural setting making for the very best available anywhere in the world. No man will ever stand at the curb and view his Vista Lago villa with anything other than pride and satisfaction.

Vista Lago Residences Marbella
Vista Lago won the prize for “Best Architecture in Europe” at the 2022 International Property Awards


Given the way our society is still structured, the breadwinner of the family is usually the man, and this means the man is generally more concerned about running and maintenance costs that his intelligent half. All Vista Lago villas have been designed to reduce such costs to a minimum.

All are BREEAM certified, which guarantees improved energy efficiency at all levels, including electricity saving through state-of-the-art heat recovery and intelligent control systems, a comprehensive photovoltaic installation, all LED lighting, increased thermal insulation thickness of the building envelope and an indoor ventilation system with both exhaust and intake heat recovery.

All in all, men will smile as soon as they see their new Vista Lago home from the outside, smile as soon as they go inside, and keep smiling as long as they live there. No man can ask more of the house he lives in.

Vista Lago Residences Marbella

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