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With building licences having been approved, work on the outstanding Vista Lago Residences project gets underway.

Article by Vivion O’Kelly

Tourism is the lifeblood of the Costa del Sol, and one of the principal industries associated with tourism is property development. It is thus with great pride that we can announce the recent granting of building licences for one of the most outstanding developments of the century so far in this privileged part of Southern Europe: Vista Lago Residences.

View from Vista Lago Residences
The View from your sofa at Vista Lago Residences

To say that work is about to begin on the project would, perhaps, be to ignore the fact that the most important part has already been done, because the actual building of a development is the final stage in a wider process that begins in the minds of a few creative individuals before finding its way to the drawing board. A great deal of work has been carried out on this project by the BRIGHT development company and the team of UDesign architects over the past two years, and the granting of building licences means that the final hurdle on the long road to a finished product has been overcome. It is expected that building work will take approximately 2 years, and when finished, we will have a truly cutting-edge development of just 18 sustainable luxury villas in one of the most perfect locations in the world.

View from Vista Lago Residences

This is what Andrew Lee, Sales Manager at BRIGHT, says about it: “The BRIGHT team are proud to be developing Vista Lago in this outstanding area of Benahavís, following principles of environmental sustainability and remarkable contemporary architecture to create something we can all be proud of to be enjoyed for generations to come. And looking at the more immediate positive impact, at this complicated time, tens of millions of euros of international investment in the project and hundreds of direct and indirect jobs created are a fantastic boost to the local economy which depends greatly on projects of this nature.”

Sunset view from Vista Lago Residences
View at sunset from the Vista Lago plot


Vista Lago Residences is a gated community within a gated community, located in the country club estate of Real de La Quinta. It overlooks Marbella and the Mediterranean Sea, with views of the Rock of Gibraltar and Africa beyond, surrounded by beautiful terrain and within short driving distance of the largely uninhabited hinterland leading up to Ronda. At no more than fifteen minutes’ drive from Puerto Banus and the other stylish urban centres along the coast, this makes it an exceptional location in an exceptional part of Spain.

Lake and Lake Cub at Real de La Quint
The Lake and Lake Cub at Real de La Quinta with a golf course and running track encircling the lake

The unique setting boasts one of the largest man-made lake on the Costa del Sol, also featuring an exclusive golf course with wellness centre and spa, tennis and paddle tennis, a boutique hotel, equestrian centre, shops and top-end restaurant. One can go riding in these hills, on horseback or on a mountain bike, or simply ramble though the hills, and there is a full range of water sports on the lake, which has its own beach. Read more about the amenities at Real de La Quinta: Bringing the beach to the mountains


The investment value of a Vista Lago villa is beyond any doubt, given its exact location in the exclusive Real de La Quinta development, within what is already one of the most exclusive areas of Southern Europe. Add to this the undisputed fact that the value of luxury properties in the Marbella area has been steadily rising over the past two years, present circumstances notwithstanding.  Read more about this in one of recent blogs: Property Investment: the right home in the right place

Style choices
Each villa at Vista Lago is designed differently, clients can choose the style they prefer


Design is the key word in Vista Lago Residences, and it goes well beyond the design of each actual home. All are designed differently, which is quite unique in even the most luxurious of developments, and built to the highest standards possible, but here, design means a lot more. It means designing for a way of life, for clients who are familiar with, and expect, the best things that life can offer. This is exceptional design for exceptional people, because choice of living space defines the individual.

Each villa has a generous plot, and having been built on the highest plot in Real de La Quinta, none is overlooked by any other. Building density was sacrificed for the benefit of space, exceptional views and total privacy, but this does not translate to a lack of space. They may not quite as large as some of the mansions built in the area, but they feel big because they have been designed that way. No wasted space in hallways and corridors, an absence of walls where one would normally expect to find them, a house that works as well outside as in.

Vista lago infinity pool
Each villa at Vista Lago has a true infinity pool from which you have uninterrupted views towards the sea


Sustainability is another key feature of Vista Lago, although a feature we should not, by definition, have to think about much. It means that our home more or less looks after itself. It means peace of mind in the knowledge that our home will be healthy and comfortable at all times without putting at risk the privileged environment we have chosen to live in. Each villa is in the process of being BREEAM certified, this being the most reliable third-party certification of sustainability in both building and infrastructure. It is, in fact, a certification of good living, with vastly reduced water usage and waste, maintenance costs, electricity consumption and noise pollution.

organic vegetable gardens
Owners can choose to have organic vegetable gardens in their plot


Each Vista Lago villa will be built to each client’s preference, reflecting their way of life, personal taste and family circumstances. Residents will be able to pick and choose individually tailored packages as they wish in a wide variety of ways, from saunas or Turkish baths to fully equipped home offices, gymnasiums and multi-use basements being just some of the options available. See all the options available here: Choice is the key to a happy lifestyle

All the villas are smart homes. This means state-of-the-art domotics, illumination, security systems heating and air conditioning, and all can be controlled remotely from a mobile phone if required.

Home Control
All villas are smart homes allowing owners to control domotics remotely

The award-winning architects and interior designers building Vista Lago are creating a first for both Spain and Europe in so many different ways that a complete list would require a much closer examination of architectural specifications, but a brief definition of a Vista Lago home would be one designed and built to architectural and interior design standards never seen before in this part of the world, where total privacy in an incomparable location with incomparable views is offered. And this is what we can justly describe as unique.

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